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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Signing Day is Here

No surprises on the Michigan end as all expected letters came in, the only remaining recruit on the board Jerimy Finch decided to change his mind again and signed with Florida. That said, as disappointing as this class is, considering all the talk about how great it was going to be, I am still very excited to have these 20 kids signed and ready to see them suit up for the Maize and Blue. Welcome to all our signees for 2007.

Unlike previous year's there's not much anticipation as we do not have any signing day announcements so I can sit back and watch the carnage across the country as kids make last second decommitments and sign with someone else. There has to be some efforts to put a stop to this. I couldn't imagine if something like that happened to Michigan and it happens to other schools every year, especially in the south. Vijay over at IBFC had a good post about his proposal about a cease and desist letter recruits would file after verbal commitments, not sure if that would ever work but I would be open to the early signing period option that many have mentioned, they have one for basketball, don't see why it wouldn't work for football.

But of course for recruitniks like myself today is not the end it is just the beginning. Now that the letters are signed for 2007, it is on to 2008. Boubacar is a great start and we must keep it up. There's a long list of players I hope we can land this year but I'll wait a little bit before going into that. I'll enjoy this class for a few more hours.

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