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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And we have a pulse

As gametime approached I debated if I wanted to put myself through it. Knowing the way the Michigan basketball team has played this season I didn't want to get my hopes up but considering the way that I am about my school I knew I couldn't miss the game since I rarely get to see the team out here. It was a very ugly game at times and although Indiana wasn't doing anything we weren't doing much either.

When DJ White picked up his fourth foul in the middle of the second half I got excited knowing that he would have to sit for most of the game until crunch time. But we could not get anything going and allowed the Hoosiers to stick around. Our guys were doing just enough to keep the lead but we could not extend it. As we had a one point lead with under two minutes to play I can't describe what I felt as Jerret Smith drove the lane and hit a floater to give Michigan a 3 point lead. Plays like that have been missing from whenever I have watched and also from my friends accounts of games they have seen this season.

Of course the team couldn't have ended it without nearly giving me a heart attack as with a 5 point lead and under a minute to play Lester Abram made a stupid foul before the inbounds giving Indiana two FT's to cut the lead to 3. Then on ensuing possession Smith inexplicably threw the ball straight to the Indiana defender and Indiana was able to cut it to 1. Fortunately our guys made the free throws when they were needed and were able to hang on for the 3 point victory. This win keeps our slim tournament hopes alive. Currently sitting at 18-9 and 6-6 in conference with 4 to play I think 22 wins could get it done. I think 3 wins out of 4 and one in the Big Ten Tourney would get it done but to ask for 3 wins out of games at Illinois and Minnesota as well as home games against Michigan State and Ohio State is asking for too much. I'll take 2-2 in this stretch and 2 wins in the Big Ten Tourney, although that still may not be enough for the team unless one of those wins is against Ohio State. I guess it's the optimist in me but I'll keep following this team, they've broken my heart too many teams before let's see if this is the year it doesn't.



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