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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time to keep it rolling

The Lakers after a rough start to the roadtrip won back to back games starting with the big win in Washington on Saturday and followed it up with a win in Atlanta last night. This team should have been able to win all 5 games but didn't and I'm not one to complain considering I said I'd take 500 on the trip and we are close to doing that. Two nights off before back to back in Detroit and Toronto followed by Cleveland on Sunday. I see no reason the team can't take all 3 but I fully expect them to take 2 of them.

There's a good article on Kobe today at ESPN.com. It discusses Kobe's transformation this year as he gets more of his teammates involved and how he has become a leader. I think people are starting to come around with Kobe and a lot of the hating is dying down. To hear fans in Boston and Atlanta chant MVP for him is just crazy. I wrote a post on Kobe a while back about how he can't win no matter what he does but I'm glad to see that it is changing. As I say in that article I truly believe Kobe will lead the Lakers to another title soon and when he does then the haters will have nothing left but to realize how truly great he is. Sure if he was on another team I probably wouldn't like him as much either, but I'm just glad he's on my team.



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