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Westsider Rider

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


After heading into the home stretch of the longest roadtrip in 20 years the Lakers sat at 3-2 with 3 games to play. At worst case scenario I figured they would pick up one win and finish 500 which would not have been bad. But instead they lost all three to finish the trip 3-5. Now they get two home games before the All-Star break, two games they should win against New York and Cleveland, the latter of which I'll be attending on Thursday night. That would bring the record to 32-22 at the all star break which wouldn't be terrible but could be worse considering how many games we've blown this season. I believe this team can get as high as the third seed and hopefully with a full healthy squad they can do that. But it won't happen for a while as Kwame is out for another month. The depth the Lakers had was such a plus for this team but it isn't there anymore with all the injuries. Hopefully coming home for two games plus the all-star break will get everyone ready to go for the stretch run. As I said preseason I expect to at least win one series in this years playoffs.



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