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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The wrath of Kobe

The league suspends him for something that was completely unintentional and unfortunately for the Celtics they were the team that got to face him coming off the suspension. Kobe went at it last night dropping 43 on the C's and they picked up the 111-98 victory in Boston. The best part of it was the fact that the crowd in Boston started chanting M V P! M V P! for Kobe, which is unheard of at an opposing teams home court. Good to see the Lakers snap the losing streak, hope they can start a winning streak now as they got two tough games back to back against Indiana and Washington starting tomorrow. This 8 game road trip consists of 3 sets of back to backs, I will gladly take a 4-4 trip but expect more out of this team. For those that missed it, here's Kobe last night, similar to the dunk he had against the Knicks a couple years ago:



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