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Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to Michigan Donovan Warren!!!

Early yesterday reports started looking good and I started getting my hopes up. Then by early evening it had been confirmed, Donovan Warren was committing to Michigan. I am so excited about this commitment for so many reasons. First and foremost it adds a much needed CB to our recruiting class, especially one as highly ranked as DW is. Second to pull a kid from Long Beach Poly that USC was also after is amazing. LB Poly is a feeder school to USC much like Glenville is to Ohio State and most know that Poly is known as one of the best high schools in the nation when it comes to football, I believe they have the most NFL players from one high school that are currently in the league. Finally and I say it all the time I love it when our staff is able to get Cali kids to go to Michigan.

My internet at home is down so I wasn't able to be online when the articles started coming but I got plenty of phone calls about it. I patiently waited until 10:30 pm PST to watch the High School Spotlight show and see the announcement on TV. I have the segment DVR'd so if anyone knows how to pull that off my DVR and onto my computer let me know and I'll try to get it done. He had friend and family behind him as Lindsay Soto was interviewing him about Michigan and USC. His responses to the questions pretty much gave it away when asked about immediate playing time he said it was a big factor and when he was discussing the narrowing of schools he said earlier in the week he had eliminated USC and Cal, and had to be corrected by the host "you mean UCLA" and he said yeah. Even though I knew what was going to happen watching the announcement got me so fired up. Welcome to Michigan Donovan Warren, you've made a great choice. This is the second year in a row that the staff has been able to close with a bang, something we hadn't done in previous years as we pull a highly rated player that most thought we had no chance with. Last year it was Steve Schilling and Carlos Brown, this year starting with Warren and I hope we can keep the momentum going.

The other news was the commitment of Renaldo Sagesse, a DT from Canada who had initially committed to Ron Zook and the Fighting Illini. But Illinois was having problems with his transcripts coming from Canada while Michigan has had plenty of experience in the past with that and he changed his mind. With Alan Branch leaving and no other DT's in this class it is definitely a good pickup. Coming from Canada we don't know what to expect hopefully he can turn out as good as Tim Biakabutuka did.

Now we wait for the remaining three recruits on the board as we approach signing day. The biggest being Ronald Johnson. Rumors floating out there about a potential visit today by the coaching staff but there is so many rumors flying I don't know what to expect. I'll just wait to see what unfolds. Same goes for Jerimy Finch who says he's 50/50 and I will wait until the LOI is faxed to the office before I believe where he will attend next year. Finally there is Rashad Mason, the WR from Tennessee who has burst on to the scene late. Rumors of him committing with the Maize and Blue are out there but many feel that North Carolina and Butch Davis have made a big push and some think he will end up there.

This is why we follow recruiting. The roller coaster ride we have been on the past few days as Michigan fans has been crazy. The highs and the lows and to get on a high like the Donovan Warren commitment are what bring recruitniks back every day for more and more. Hopefully we can finish on an even higher note with the last three guys on our board and in closing It's Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine!

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