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Monday, April 03, 2006

The weekend that never ends

Before we get started, RBUAS has a great post on his coverage of the NIT Final. Go check it out if you've never read any of his stuff, always good work, much better than anything I've got to offer. Also, Hines Ward receives a hero's welcome as he returns to Korea for the first time since he was a year old.

The weekend was cool, it feels extremely weird being back at work today, it felt like a really long weekend and like I had been away from work for a long time. Probably because I appreciated my free time more considering I worked 40+ hours from Wednesday through Friday. I finally got to eat at Lawry's on Saturday as I had told everyone I refused to eat there until Michigan made it to the Rose Bowl and I just hadn't gone because we had lost the two Rose Bowls and I didn't want to be reminded of it but I am glad I went. It was a great meal eating the Beef Bowl cut, but it was sort of depressing to see the Michigan pennants in the display as they had pennants for the last 3 matchups on display. The display also contained autographed footballs from both teams of the most recent Rose Bowl so I will not go again to Lawry's until Michigan wins a Rose Bowl.

It was fun monetarily considering my bet on UCLA but it was disappointing to watch both Final Four games as they were not competitive at all. This tourney has been the most fun to watch in recent memory but the Final Four was just boring. I must say though I was definitely impressed watching UCLA just own LSU. I thought UCLA would win but definitely not in that fashion. Luc Richard Mbah A Moute is a stud and it's scary to think he's only a freshman that's played 5 years of basketball. I still think UCLA gets it done tonight but I'll go into that later. I was also impressed with Florida's D as it's not getting the credit they deserve. Joakim Noah is extremely long and made it difficult for George Mason to get anything done on the inside. I still think he's a douchebag though.

Couldn't find a buyer for the Lakers game so I ended up going which wasn't all that bad. Kobe only dropped 43 points and tied the franchise record for most 40 point games in a season. It's just amazing to watch him play as he makes everything seem so easy. I don't think he missed a shot in the 3rd quarter until the very end as he dropped 23 in the 3rd pushing his total to 41 and opened up a big lead for the Lakers. Yao Ming was on as well yesterday hitting all sorts of turn around jumpers and led Houston with 33. A side note on the game though was Rafer "Skip to my Lou" Alston who I hadn't seen in a long time. He looked, from afar, like he was on crack or something. He still has game but he looked like he lost a ton of weight and it's not like he was big before. His legs looked the same size as his arms and did air ball a 3 and came up short on other shots.

You can't stop me, you can only stare and watch me
Although it's not the weekend anymore, it still feels like it with all the sports on today. Opening Day is today and I'm definitely excited about the Dodgers chances this year, they should at least win the division considering how weak it is. Combine that excitement along with the National Championship game tonight it feels like a Saturday to me. I'll post my preview of tonight's game a little bit later. I just hope I can get out of work early enough so I can actually watch the game.


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