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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Work sucks but at least Michigan is winning

Work is kicking back into high gear again and it's weird, at the end of last year I was getting used to 70-80 hour work weeks, well not getting used but it was expected and there was nothing I could do about it. The first couple months of this year have been smooth sailing until now and there's a lot to do. Well at least its only a couple days until the end of the month/quarter.

I was forced to follow online the Michigan NIT Semifinal and damn was I scared when I first opened up the browser to a 21-16 deficit. But the team got it together and easily routed Old Dominion by 23, way to set the line Vegas. I normally don't bet on Michigan but I couldn't pass it up as a pick em against ODU. I wish I was able to watch the game but it's impossible to catch these 4pm starts out here. On the other side of the bracket the South Carolina Gamecocks defeated Louisville to set up the matchup of the past two NIT Champions against each other tomorrow night. I like our chances to put up another banner in Crisler, this senior class deserves to go out a winner considering all they went through.

Going to jump into some other sports I don't talk about as often as Barry Bonds will be part of an investigation that the MLB is starting on steroid use. There aren't many people on the face of the earth I hate more than Barry Bonds. For him to continue to deny using steroids is ridiculous, hopefully they will finally get all the concrete evidence to shut him up for good and show the cheater that he really is. Even Davin, who has been a Barry Bonds fan for all these years, yet still being a Dodger fan I have no idea how that worked out, even said that he has given up on Bonds, after a certain point there's just too much out there not to believe something went down.

Michelle Wie is playing in the John Deere classic again, where she will miss the cut again. She needs to give this thing up, there's no reason for her to be playing in the PGA. There are numerous opportunities for her out there on the LPGA, which she has not even shown yet that she can win. There is a reason that there are separate tours if women want to compete with the men then get rid of the LPGA tour and then we can see what happens. There is no reason for Michelle Wie to be taking exemptions from guys who are trying to make it on the tour. Michelle Wie needs to show she can dominate the LPGA Tour before she tries to make it in the PGA. I mean at least when Annika Sorenstam played she is the best player in the game on the women's side and then I understand her taking the shot, even though I still disagree with it. So I, for one among probably many others who are just afraid to say it, will be hoping Michelle Wie fails miserably again because she just does not belong out on the PGA Tour.

Onto a good note, Jeff Kent signed an extension with the Dodgers which is for one year along with a one year team option. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Dodgers can do this season with all the changes that took place in the off-season. I believe this team should win the NL West and make the playoffs at least. Opening Day is next week and hopefully I'll be able to make it to my first game later in April on the weekend when the Giants come to town. Nothing beats getting to Dodger Stadium early and downing a Mickey's or two and then heading in, definitely can't wait to do that this summer.


  • Whats up man? I'm a Gamecock fan and really looking foward to playing you guys tomarrow night. I have a feeling it will be a great game. Just hope Balkman can have another game like he did against Louisville. Some people at work give me slack about being in the NIT but as I posted on my blog yesterday just think theres only 6 NCAA basketball teams thats still playing ball at the end of March. So you have to say thats pretty good. Anyways visit my blog and we will see who will be allowed to talk junk tomarrow night.lol :)

    By Blogger Ryan, at 7:15 PM  

  • It's sad that the Michigan program has gone from the years of Glen Rice and the Fab 5 to getting excited about the NIT. Times have definitely changed.

    By Blogger Nate, at 12:41 PM  

  • Not necessarily that excited about the NIT, don't get me wrong I'm definitely disappointed in how the season turned out but since we're there we might as well win the thing. Maybe it will help out for the returners next year as well, although that's what we said 2 years ago when they won it.

    By Blogger Kenny, at 3:49 PM  

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