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Monday, March 27, 2006

Just when you thought March Madness couldn't get any better

They've shown us they can ball and all but who is George Mason?

Damn, what a weekend. The NCAA Tournament has exceeded expectations this year with pretty much every single game coming down to the wire. It has been great entertainment for these past 2 weeks and we've only got 3 games left now. I went 1 for 4 on my Final Four Picks although at the last minute I did get a bet in on George Mason to beat UConn at +425 so we'll say I went .500.

Saturday's games were close but were not as exciting as Sunday's George Mason-Connecticut matchup was. LSU-Texas was a good game but I never got the feeling that Texas was going to pull it out, especially not with Buckman hoisting 3's, never a good sign when your big man is doing that. The UCLA-Memphis game was exciting just because I had such a rooting interest in the Bruins but it was an ugly game. Didn't matter though as UCLA pulled it out, hit my +140 on the ML as well as sending them to the Final Four.

So after the UCLA game it turned into celebration time as we had a kegger for my brother's acceptance to Michigan. Had a great time, although I didn't last as long as I had hoped, definitely expected considering it was the first beers I was having in 10 weeks. Some of the guys came up with a new crazy game of beer pong with 3 players and 21 cups per side. It was a great night as I also got to hang out with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a long time. Hope we can do it again sometime soon.

Sunday brought the aftermath as we had to clean up the house and then we stopped that to watch the George Mason-UConn game and am I glad I did. George Mason continued their amazing run with the OT victory and I, like many others, thought it was over when Denham Brown hit the tying shot at the buzzer. I figured that would be the end of it for GM but it wasn't. They somehow kept the dream going and pulled off the upset. ESPN.com is reporting that some guy placed a $20 on George Mason to win it all before the tourney started at 400-1 odds, that's insane.

The Villanova-Florida game wasn't as fun, but how could it matchup to the first game of the day. I thought the Wildcats would get it done but the inside presence of Noah and Horford were just too much for Nova as the Gators marched on. He's a really good player but I really don't like Joakim Noah. He was acting like a punk during the game and if I was on Nova's team I would've gotten in his face early. He complained about calls and was beating his chest to the crowd, just being a jackass. It's one thing if he did this at the end of the game to celebrate but to do it 3 minutes in was just ridiculous, IMO.

Afterwards brought the nightcap as the Lakers played the Hornets in a key Western Conference matchup as the Lakers sit in 7th place while the Hornets are in 9th. Once again Kwame Brown played a great game, this is what we thought we could see from him when the trade was made and I'm glad to see him gaining confidence and becoming the player we knew he could be. The Lakers defense was atrocious during the first half but they clamped down and made it more difficult on the Hornets in the 2nd half. With the win the Lakers now move to 2 games ahead of the Queens for the 7th spot with 10 games left to play, 7 of them at home which is the easiest schedule of the other teams fighting for a spot. They'll have a few days off before having to play Seattle and San Antonio back to back followed by Houston in another Sunday game next week. We'll have to wait and see if the curse of the Sunday white jerseys rears its ugly head again.


  • It's an exciting time to Patriot, that's all I can say. Let's hope this coming weekend is as exciting as last...

    By Blogger the Alpha John, at 8:52 AM  

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