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Friday, March 31, 2006

Well that sucked

Not a great day as Michigan lost the NIT, the Lakers got killed by the Spurs and to top it off I was at work til 10pm so a pretty shitty day in my book. I couldn't watch any of it but from what I've been told from people who did the better team won. Granted there were some bad calls but it wouldn't have made a difference. It was the last game in a Michigan uniform for Daniel Horton, Graham Brown, Chris Hunter and Sherrod Harrell, it sucks it couldn't have ended better but a lot of people, myself included, are definitely appreciative of what you guys have done to help trying to build the program back to where it once was.

Nothing to say about the Lakers, I caught the very tail end of the game when I got home and I could see why they were getting beat like that. The Lake Show plays in Seattle tonight, with last night's loss the Lakers are only 1 1/2 games ahead of the Queens so we need to get it in gear.

Now to the what the fuck are they thinking category comes is the announcement from the Nigerian Football Association that referees can take bribes as long as they do not allow them to influence decisions on the field. Sounds like a great plan, accept money as a bribe and then don't give the teams that gave you the money favorable calls. Can't wait to see the first report on the growing trend of soccer referees in Nigeria getting killed. I'd be willing to bet that we could see an on-field killing after a bad call.


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