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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Mean Team?

News out of Michigan from yesterday centered around "the Mean Team" consisting of Jerome Jackson and two walk-ons Landon Smith and Tyrone Jordan. I guess they wanted to make their own version of the 7th floor crew but it doesn't even come close. Couldn't they come up with a group name that showed a little creativity? I listened to half the song until my ears started bleeding and I had to turn it off. The beat is awful, the raps are awful and the hook is just horrid. Granted I didn't expect much to begin with but if it was causing such controversy I expected it to be something but it wasn't. I've heard worse before so it's nothing to get all worked up about, they should probably just have to run the stadium steps a few times and yelled at for being so stupid. Apparently this started because the girl that is the target of this song wrote something bad about them in her xanga. It's just ridiculous and stupid, grow up these guys aren't even freshman, they're juniors/seniors and they can't deal with a bad xanga entry? What happens when someone leaves a bad comment on their facebook or myspace? For those that want to take a listen you can find it here.


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