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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stop tryin to bring Vince down

Just because this picture makes me so happy.

The news of the combine, other than the freakishness of Vernon Davis with his 4.38 40 yard dash and 42" vertical was the report that Vince Young supposedly got a 6 on his Wonderlic. The NFL denied that was true and it is now reported that he got a 16. Most believe that he was re-administered the test which is why he got a new score but who knows. A big problem with this is for QB's teams like to see scores in the 20's since they want to see that the QB will be able to digest an NFL playbook. But if you look at previous scores this means nothing, sure it might drop him a spot or two in the draft but I doubt it, Dan Marino scored a 16, Steve McNair and Daunte Culpepper scored 15's and Donovan McNabb scored a 12 while Ryan Leaf scored a 27 and Cade McNown scored a 28. From which list would you like to select a QB for your team?
People are trying to make too big of a deal about it and let them waste their time doing it.

As soon as the news broke my friend Earl, a u$c grad made a post about it on our fantasy basketball board. I figured he would since, like all $c people they're trying to grasp at anything to bring Vince down since their team couldn't do it. As much as it hurt me when he did it to Michigan it was unbelievable to watch and it made me ecstatic when he did it again in this years Rose Bowl. RBUAS has a good post up which got me started thinking about this topic. No matter what happens with him in the NFL, Vince Young will still go down as one of my favorite players of all-time in college football so much so that I now own two of his jerseys. FYI, I do have him as the 2nd QB IMO in this draft but I have Jay Cutler as 1st, I don't think Leinart will be all that great in the pros but that's another topic for another day. Not sure exactly where I'm going with this, it sounded as a better idea in my head then once it got to paper but since I'm not a writer this will have to do. Vince Young is awesome and stop hatin on his Wonderlic score because he will do some things when you watch him that will make you say "How the hell did he do that?" People are getting too into the numbers, which are definitely fun to look at, yes I must mention again Vernon Davis is a freak, but what I want to watch are football players. I don't care if they ran a ridiculous 40 or benched 40 reps of 225 if they can't play the game. People like Vince Young and Michael Vick will pull off plays that no one thought was possible and that matters and shows more to me than what some test that you have to finish within 12 minutes at the combine tells you.


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