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Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to Reality

Back to work at the end of the month, which makes it that much worse after a great weekend. It's not often I can claim a great weekend after all my teams have lose their games over the weekend but this was an exception. A group of my friends I went to school with at Michigan were in town for the weekend so it was definitely a lot of fun. It sucks now that we're back to the real world after a weekend where it just felt like we were back in school.

Sports wise it was a terrible weekend, starting and ending with Lakers losses on Friday and Sunday, yesterday even worse as it was closer game and I actually attended. It's frustrating to watch the Lakers on Sunday as I am now 0-2 in games I attend on Sunday and I've still got two other games on Sunday I have tickets for, I wonder if I need to get rid of them for the sake of the team. The Lakers are now 3-5 on Sunday home games which also include a near loss to Charlotte. The white jerseys must go and what made it even worse yesterday was the Celtics wearing some ridiculous jersey variant as well with black lettering on their usual green jersey except the names of the players were still done in white. The Lakers and the Celtics should be the two teams that are exempt from all these alternate variations of jerseys, granted I don't help the cause since I buy almost every Laker variant but still.

The basketball team lost at Columbus, as expected but it hurts because had Horton and Harris played decently we would have had a great shot to win. The Buckeyes played good D on Horton and Harris just couldn't get off even with decent looks, nothing was falling for him. But I didn't expect us to go down there and win so it's not that bad, as long as we take care of business at home against Indiana it should be all good.


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