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Westsider Rider

Thursday, February 23, 2006

You sure you want to do that Damon Wayans?

When reading through your GMail you'll notice there are links at the top which will send you to articles of interest or a lot of different Spam recipes. Most of the time I have always ignored them and just went along my day, but not today as I was checking up on my mail I find this headline, "Actor Tries to Trademark 'N' Word." You can't be serious. Now I listen to mostly hip-hop and hear it all the time and do use it while singing along or when I get drunk I'll occasionally start using it as if I was brought up somewhere far far away from the suburb that I actually did grow up but to trademark it? Now you can see from my profile picture I am not black so you may disagree with me using the term ever, you have your own opinions, granted I try not to use it but sometimes all the years of listening to Tupac and the Wu-Tang Clan just take over. But I digress, Damon Wayans wants to trademark the N word so he can create a clothing line and a chain of retail stores selling the merchandise. I just don't see that happening and I can't believe he really wants to do this since he's been fighting over it for 14 months.

There's always discussion on whether the term is proper or not, some say sometimes, other say never but I don't think it's something that would really work. I'm wrong about a lot of things though so who knows if this becomes the next hot thing in fashion. I understand both sides of the debate on the use of the word and I'd probably stand in the middle. On one hand it is still a derivation of the racial slur that definitely causes pain even to this day for many blacks but on the other hand you've got the camp that says they are empowering themselves by taking the word that used to be derogatory and turned it into theirs as Tupac said it stood for Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. We'll see how this turns out but I think Damon is crazy.


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