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Westsider Rider

Friday, February 10, 2006

Picture should be self explanatory, picked it up from the Wizard of Odds as he discussed the rules changes that will probably be implemented next year including coaches challenges for instant replay.

So it's not like we had a deep team before the injuries to Lester Abram and Jerret Smith but now that Dion Harris is hurt as well we are in trouble. That worst case 4-3 scenario I was envisioning would now be a best case scenario and we just need to pick up 3 wins somewhere along the line. Hopefully Lester can give us something this year as he is definitely someone I like to see on the floor. Now the team travels to Purdue and takes on the Boilermakers tomorrow, luckily there will be a good sized Maize and Blue presence as the Maize Rage is heading to the game courtesy of two buses sponsored by Coach Amaker. This game is now a must win after what happened last night but it seems like it's damn near impossible to win a road game in the Big Ten. Someone's gotta step up in Dion's absence but who? Go Blue!


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