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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rest of the staff lined up

After much speculation, the defensive staff was finalized today as Coach Carr officially announced Coach English as the DC as well as introducing two new position coaches. Steve Szabo an NFL assistant for 12 years, last year with the Buffalo Bills, as well as coaching for numerous colleges before that as the new LB coach. While Ron Lee, former DC at San Jose State and most recently the DB coach at Wisconsin.

I really don't have much knowledge about either of them but from reports that I'm hearing these are both good hires that will definitely help out. Szabo more for the coaching aspect and Lee will help out recruiting. Not sure what is happening with ST now, there's talk that either of these positional coaches could end up taking care of ST but that is undecided at this point.

Basketball team faces a must win versus Minnesota tomorrow but still unsure of Dion Harris' status. Earlier in the season, especially after the blowout win at Minnesota this was chalked up as a for sure win but Minnesota has turned it around by winning 3 out of their last 4 including the big one over Michigan State on Saturday. The team has to dig deep and someone's got to step up until Dion and Lester can come back.

Contrary to reports that the Lakers aren't going to make a move before the upcoming trade deadline I've been told that they are definitely working on some moves and no I am not talking about this bogus Knicks trade that is making its way around that says the Lakers are moving Lamar for Penny and Channing Frye. There is no way that works and no way it will happen. There is talk of two potential deals going down and if either one went down I'd be ecstatic and there seems like there's a decent chance that both of them could at which point I wouldn't know how to react. At least they picked up a win finally by beating the Jazz last night and should have another one tomorrow as the Atlanta Hawks come to town. That game will be the last one before the All-Star break which I can't wait for. Of all the All-Star weekends the NBA is definitely the one I look most forward to, definitely better considering it's a 3 day weekend as well.


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