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Monday, February 13, 2006

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

With all the injuries that we've dealt with this year you'd think it'd have to stop at some point but no, they just keep popping up, the latest being Daniel Horton who got hurt during Saturday's loss at Purdue, he did come back to play later so it's not as serious as Dion or Lester but come on, will it ever end? It's like there is some curse on the basketball team and I just hope we can get somewhat healthy within the next week or two. The game at Purdue was one that we needed but we didn't get so now we're closing the season with our backs against the wall. The home game versus Minnesota is now a must win and then we must steal one more between the two home games versus Illinois and Indiana and the road game at Michigan State.

At least the good news of the weekend was Jim Herrmann's departure became official as he was hired by the New York Jets as their new LB coach. Aside from that nothing much new to report. The hockey team got a split over the weekend while the Lakers blew another home game. They get another chance at home to stop the bleeding as they take on the Utah Jazz tonight followed by Atlanta on Wednesday, this really needs to stop, I understand Kobe can't carry the team the entire season but someone has to step up when he isn't making shots and I can't say that there's anyone on this team I trust to shoot the shots even when Kobe is cold. Trading deadline is coming up so maybe there's a move in the works but considering Phil Jackson never likes making moves midseason I highly doubt it.

Does anyone really watch the Pro Bowl? I watched it for a little bit but just couldn't. Granted it's the last football we will see for a while but it just doesn't do anything for me. I'm more excited to watch the combine that's coming up, especially since the Raiders have a high pick and will need it to revamp a defense that still needs plenty of help.


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