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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What the hell is going on?

After enjoying the Hines Ward MVP celebration and putting off any panic for a day, I now turn my attention back to Michigan where starting last Friday there were rumblings taking place about coaching changes, but not the ones we wanted or expected. Now changes are far from over and I'm not going to go into the doomsday scenario that many are predicting because I believe something will be done to help the program rather than hurt it, well I hope that is what is going to happen.

What we know so far is Coach Malone who was OC is now the TE coach for the New Orleans Saints, Coach English who was our DB coach and rumored to become the next DC is now the DB coach for the Chicago Bears and Coach DeBord who was Special Teams coach and recruiting coordinator as well as former OC has been given that title again, which is part of the plan we did not want to hear. There are some other moves to still be made and I am going to wait until what happens regarding those before I pass a final judgment on this unlike a majority of people online who are going crazy at this point. If certain things don't happen and stay the same I will be jumping into the same boat with that crew, but until then I'm going to try to stay calm and not worry about it until it happens. There's plenty of time out there right now and if we know that it's due to some interview process or some talks with some big names out there, which I highly doubt but I can hope, then I can wait.

The Lakers continue their disappointing road trip as they conclude with two games against Dallas and Houston. They have been an extremely disappointing 1-4 so far on the trip with two unacceptable losses. Yes Lamar and Chris Mihm are hurt but that was the Bobcats and the Hornets we just played and it doesn't get easier these last two games. I'm hopeful we can pull one out and finish 2-5, because there's no way we're getting both. Knowing how well Kobe plays against Dallas I'd expect a W today followed with a L tomorrow. Ronny Turiaf could be activated soon due to these injuries so at least that would be some welcome help to the bench. We need to get on a roll as the Clippers just have otherwise we'll have no shot to win the division, or at least finish in 2nd cause we can't finish behind the Clippers again can we?


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