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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You know you love it

The Roc is in the building!

After being left for dead following the 3 game losing streak, Michigan had a huge win last night over No. 8 Illinois. After dropping onto the bubble it looks as if the Wolverines are now off thanks to this win. Daniel Horton had a career night going for 39 points and carrying the team on his shoulders when they needed it. The win gives Michigan their 8th win in conference and at worst makes them .500 which seems to be the magic number for teams from major conferences and doesn't hurt that we have a couple of quality wins against Illinois and Michigan State. It's going to be tough to get the job done down in Columbus on Saturday but I figure we can take out Indiana and finish with a 9-7 mark in conference and hopefully get a game or two in the Big Ten Tourney.

With Chris Hunter's injury I doubt he plays again until the Tourney, if we're lucky and he'd definitely be a boost to the team when he returns. Lester Abram still hasn't practiced and I wouldn't rush him back for the regular season right now either since it looks like we've got a berth pretty much locked up. I'd look to try to get him to start practicing in a week or so if possible and maybe get him some run during the Big Ten Tourney to get warmed up so he can get back into it during the Big Dance, I'm hoping, still haven't heart much positive news related to his injury recently.

The Lakers finally got things back on track with a win over the Jail Blazers last night. Lamar looked great, wondering if that's because they're trying to showcase him for a potential trade or if he's going to start doing this on a more consistent basis, unfortunately I doubt it's either one. He has been way too inconsistent as a second option and unless he steps up I doubt we can do more than steal a game or two because of Kobe in the playoffs. Trade deadline is tomorrow, hopefully some sort of move is made because as is this team won't be doing much.


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