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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And we're back

Was trying to post up on Friday but blogger wasn't cooperating and since I barely use the computer when I'm at home it's been a few days since I put in an update. It was a shock to see that I got Monday off while a lot of people I know didn't considering I never get days off that I shouldn't but oh well I'll take it. Didn't really do much during the weekend just watched a lot of sports so here are my takes on the weekends events.
  • I watched plenty of Olympics action all throughout the weekend, I know a lot of people don't care for the Winter Olympics, but I love sports and especially stuff that happens only once every 4 years so I'm definitely enjoying it all. My favorites from the weekend was speed skating, both variations of it, as well as ski jumping and curling. Everyone gives me the what the hell look when I tell them I was watching curling but that looks fun, I wonder where I could go play it.
  • Watched all the all-star festivities on Saturday and Sunday. First off that was pretty ridiculous how Kobe took the half court shot like a regular jumper and drained it. Andre Iguodala aka AI2 got robbed. Now I stated before the contest that I had Robinson winning and Iguodala as my 2nd choice but that was just ridiculous. From the judges fixing the scorecards so it was a tie for a dunk off to Robinson taking 14 attempts to finally get his last dunk off that was just ridiculous. AI2 getting that pass off the back of the backboard from AI was just sick.
  • The game on Sunday was ok, not as many spectacular plays as we are accustomed to seeing in the all star game but I have to say the intros were awesome. From the orchestra to the starting lineup dances it was dope as hell and definitely can't forget Destiny's Child's performance of the anthem.
  • The terrible part of it was the hideousness of the jerseys, not even sure if that's a word but they were fugly. I couldn't believe that the league approved those. Go back to a few years ago when they just wore their teams jersey with an extra all star patch on it. However the warmups were sweet, as they had the player, their team, their country as well as patches from all the all-star games that player had participated in before. I heard they're selling them but running for $250, if it was a little cheaper I probably would go cop the Kobe one.
  • Michigan football picked up another commitment from the class of 2007 in Artis Chambers, a S from Indiana. I'm late on this story as I was away from the computer but MGoBlog and RBUAS has you covered. I hadn't heard of him before this weekend but if has an early offer from the coaching staff I'm gonna side with them that this kid is a player and I'm definitely excited.
  • Finally the basketball team got housed up at East Lansing as expected but they hung tight for a while but most of the stories took place before the game as Amadou Ba shoved a drunken Sparty that was on the court during warmups and some kids from UM got the Izzone to hold up signs that said GO BLUE before the game. Huge game tonight against Illinois, I think we'll have a chance since we always play the Illini tough but losing Chris Hunter for the rest of the regular season at least will definitely be a big loss, as we didn't have enough already.


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