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Thursday, February 09, 2006

What's going on? Part 2

First time in a while I wasn't able to make an entry on a weekday, work's really got me working but I was just about to start talking about the rumblings that Coach English was coming back, which started earlier today but it looks like now it's gone from rumor to reality. There were posts elsewhere all across the Michigan sites about this and MGoBlog has a recap. In a very interesting turn of events it looks like Coach English is back, just after the weekend of trying to deal with the potential of losing him it looks like I didn't have to worry about it at all.

Now that the biggest question mark on the staff has now been filled onto basketball where the team will tip off against Ohio State in less than an hour. Lester Abram is still banged up and will not play along with Jerret Smith who is injured as well. With the closing schedule we have, we need to hold serve at home and steal one on the road, most likely we will need to win tonight and then at Purdue on Saturday as well as the home game against Minnesota. I doubt we will win up at East Lansing in a week and then that would leave the closing stretch of Indiana, Illinois at home as well as the road game against Ohio State. I believe this team could finish 5-2 with this stretch but that would be pushing it with all the injuries, I think it's more likely 3-4, maybe 4-3 if we can catch some breaks. Couple that with a good showing in the Big Ten Tourney and it could be a pretty good seed for the squad. We need to hold serve at home and we need to continue doing it. Go Blue!


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