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Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl and Coaching Changes

The Super Bowl is here this weekend as the Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit. I had the idea for this post earlier this week but decided to wait for it but it looks like the guys at The M Zone already beat me to it. So to echo their sentiments I am rooting for Pittsburgh because they have two players from Michigan, Larry Foote and Jerame Tuman, while the Seahawks have one, Steve Hutchinson. Although some may argue that since Hutchinson is a Pro-Bowler they'll take quality over quantity. If you add in practice squad/injured reserve players it is a tie as Pittsburgh has Grant Bowman while the Seahawks have Jeremy LeSeuer and Alain Kashama.

Although it is a tie overall there is another factor that comes into this. No, not Jerome Bettis who the media is constantly talking about because he's coming back home but because my favorite player in the NFL, aside from Charles Woodson plays for Pittsburgh. Kyle King will be probably be glad to hear that it this player is Hines Ward. Sure Hines Ward has become a star in the past few seasons but I have beeen a Hines Ward fan since his days at Georgia, which is a major reason why I root for Georgia against pretty much anyone they play.

Back when I was in high school, Sports Illustrated ran an article on him, I tried searching it through google but I couldn't find it. In that article I found out about him being half-Korean, so that instantly jumped him up my list of favorite athletes as well as being as versatile as he was I became a fan. When he was drafted by the Steelers in the 3rd round I was disappointed he went so late but I was definitely hoping he could have an impact in the league unlike the previous Korean in the league Eugene Chung, 13th overall draft pick by the Patriots. The thing I remember from that SI article the most though was how much he was thankful for his mother for all she did to put him through school and how he said the first thing he would buy with his NFL money was a plane ticket for her so she could go back to Korea. After reading that I was definitely rooting for him to become a star which he has. From the Football Outsiders here's an article they wrote 57 facts about him. He is well known as a great all around receiver who doesn't take plays off and will block for his team whenever he needs to. It was also really cool to read about his tattoo of his name in Korean as well as his upcoming trip to Korea after the Super Bowl this week and I definitely hope he makes the trip to Korea as a World Champion.

In Michigan news it looks like Coach Ron English has been offered the DB coaching position for the Chicago Bears. The question now is will he accept it or not. There is word that he has yet to accept due to the fact that he might be promoted to Defensive Coordinator at Michigan, the Michigan message boards are lighting up over this because he was considered the most likely to take over for Jim Herrmann and if he is gone then it looks as Herrmann may stay at DC which is the last thing any of us want to happen. All that's out there is a bunch of speculation so I'm not getting too caught up in it but losing English would be huge. We'll see how this plays out over the weekend and next week as I don't expect anything to officially take place until after the Super Bowl.


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