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Monday, February 06, 2006

What's up with you now Hines Ward?

I'm Goin to Disney World!!!

While the rest of hte Michigan blogging community starts complaining, and rightfully so, about the coaching moves that have or haven't taken place, I'll leave that alone for another day or two so I can fully get all the information together before I make my statement, please Pittsburgh take Jim Herrmann from us, please. I'd like to stay on a positive note for a day by looking back on yesterday's Super Bowl.

Yes, I agree the officiating did take away from the game but fortunately I avoided the temptation and the +160 ML that Seattle was laying and decided not to bet on the game itself. I hit the +120 on the first score not being a TD, thanks to the horrible offensive PI call on Seattle. But the main reason I'm happy is due to the great game that Hines Ward had. Sure he dropped a TD in the corner of the end zone but he made up for it with other plays yesterday and was named Super Bowl MVP.

Speaking of Super Bowl MVP's, Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana were not at the pregame ceremony when they honored all past MVP's and that's a shame, especially considering the latest report that it was a dispute over money. That's just ridiculous, especially from Montana who reportedly asked for $100,000 when nearly every other former MVP gladly accepted the NFL's offer. I didn't have much respect for Terry Bradshaw before but I definitely have lost a lot of respect for Joe Montana. For Bradshaw it would have been a great welcome considering how many Steelers fans were at that game, I couldn't believe there were that many terrible towels there and it almost looked like a Steelers home game.

As expected, the basketball team got killed by Iowa on Saturday on the road. Iowa has been unstoppable at home and I really didn't expect to pick up that W on Saturday. The worse news is that Lester Abram is in a boot and will be out for a little bit. The next three games are definitely winnable with Ohio State at home, Purdue on the road followed by Minnesota at home before we head to East Lansing for another matchup with sparty.


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