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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Huge Win

Go ahead and celebrate DH, you deserve it.

Great win by the squad last night and I can't say how proud I am of this team right now. Played pretty bad in the first half but going in only down by 7 I thought we were still in it. Another great performance by DH as he dropped 23, I can't say enough about him right now as he's stepping up whenever the team needs it and is getting the job done. Big ups go also go out to Chris Hunter and Ron Coleman who both stepped up big time in the abscence of Lester as well as Courtney Sims who did nothing while he played. He has so much talent yet is just seems afraid out there on the court, he was a really good tennis player maybe he's better suited for that game.

As a side note the Maize Rage was great once again and as one of the guys who was there from the beginning it makes me feel that much better considering how far the Rage come. I was listening online as I was still at work here on the West Coast but the announcers made mention of them a couple times. Still need more work with the rest of the crowd though as one time they said the Maize Rage was doing a great job and that's all you see on TV but the other 3/4th's of the crowd was still just sitting there doing nothing, typical Michigan sit on your hands support.

The win was big last night but it does nothing for us if we don't follow it up with another win on Saturday against Wisconsin. A win over them definitely catapults us into the Top 25, probably 20 and a great deal of momentum going into two road games at Penn State and at Iowa followed by a big home game against Ohio State. These games are all winnable and if we get another big W on Saturday I think it could lead to a nice streak we could possibly put together. Keep up the good work squad, all the Michigan faithful need something like this to help us cope with the terrible football season and the subpar hockey season going on right now. Go Blue!


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