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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Signing Day is here

Signing Day is completely different than it was even a few years ago, you look at the front page of espn.com and there's Myron "I'm going to Florida State for academics" Rolle. Rivals radio is going all day strong, and message boards are packed and slow because of all the traffic, a far cry from when I first started following. There are usually two camps on signing day, there's the people like me who care a great deal about it, follow it closely throughout the year and consider signing day a national holiday. Then there are those in the camp that don't care about signing day, say that rankings don't matter it only matters what they do on the field. This camp does have a point when you look at numerous players that were lightly recruited, if at all, making an impact across the country. However, for me anyways, following recruiting is so much fun because it just makes college football what it is, a true year round event.

Casual fans of the game will stop following until the next summer but for the psychos like me we follow recruiting to help pass the time. It's sad to say 17 and 18 year old kids decision on where to play their college football affects me but it does, not as much as it used to since I do now know we'll miss out more than we will hit on but still, I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that when Jai Eugene decommitted it put a dent in my day. Anyways, like I've mentioned before this is the first year that I can ever remember that we have closed so strong. Usually our class is wrapped up by the time signing day comes around but this year we had recruits we were waiting for and for once they actually decided to sign with us.

MGoBlue has the article up as of right now all 19 LOI's are in and accounted for. We missed out on Corey Peters who decided to stay close to home at Kentucky but we added Jason Kates and Jonas Mouton, two big pickups at the last minute and I'm definitely glad to add, especially Mouton considering he is at a position of need S and he is a California kid. In all we've got kids from 13 different states which is great considering our down year but also based on need because the state of Michigan didn't have that many high caliber recruits, that will change as next year's class is loaded especially at CB, a definite need.


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