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Friday, January 27, 2006

Once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine

The big news of last night was 5 star OL Stephen Schilling from Bellevue, Washington committing to Michigan over Washington and California. This is a huge commitment as Schilling is regarded as the top OL on the West Coast and adds to the OL class that we are bringing in which now consists of Schilling, Justin Boren and Perry Dorrenstein. We are still on the map for Daron Rose but I don't think he leaves the state, although I still have hope that he will join this class. Schilling's school plays with the winged helmet and Cal's jersey's but they are known as the Wolverines. He continues the trend of Michigan players who wear the winged helmet from high school through college such as Mike Hart, Steve Breaston and Ryan Mundy, although none of them had the exact same color combo that Bellevue does.

This is an unbelievable closing to this recruiting class considering where we were earlier in the year and the problems that Michigan has had closing classes in the past. Too many times have we been in the top 2 or top 3 for some big name kids and always end up finishing 2nd for most of them. Considering how bad this year was many expected a down recruiting year but it almost seems like it helped a bit in that kids are now in the mindset that they will come in and turn it around. The surprising thing is where all we are getting the kids from we went to Washington to get Schilling, Louisiana for Jai Eugene, Georgia for Carlos Brown and Florida for Greg Mathews, states which we haven't had much success in lately, save Louisiana. The staff gets deserves mad props for this haul, let's just see an improved product on the field.


  • I hope you will pardon me for veering almost entirely off the topic, but I am contacting all Georgia and Michigan webloggers to solicit their support for my efforts to get the Bulldogs and the Wolverines to schedule a home and home football series against one another.

    Any assistance you could provide in encouraging the Michigan fan base to contact both schools' athletic directors to endorse this idea would be most appreciated.


    By Blogger Kyle King, at 5:38 PM  

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