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Friday, January 20, 2006

Another step in the right direction

As expected, Brandon Minor committed to Michigan today over Tennessee, Miami and Virginia Tech although his final two were Michigan and Tennessee. He is rated as Rivals.com's #1 Fullback but he will come in to play RB. This gives us some more added depth and we'll see how it plays out with Minor and Brown coming in this year to add to Hart, Grady, Jackson and Mister Simpson as well as Alijah Bradley who did get some carries at the end of the year. MGoBlog has some more info on him here.

In other recruiting news Stephen Schilling has set an announcement date of January 27th, next Friday, he is visiting USC this weekend and things as of now are still hopeful for us but after seeing the glitz and glamour of LA along with rolling down the Shaw with Coach Carroll bumpin his hip-hop who knows what will happen. I'm still holding out hope but I don't know how it will go considering USC gets the last visit and he does have some ties to home school Washington. We definitely need to finish off this class with him or Daron Rose because a big time T will be necessary. Hope the two visits will go off well this weekend, we could use more depth at QB and maybe Nick Stephens will change his commitment to us, but we will have to hit the QB's hard in 07.

Big game for the Bball team at Minnesota tomorrow, it's a game they definitely need as it is a very winnable road game and one that we need to continue getting wins so we can finally get back into the tourney. Horton and Abram look like they will be ready to go so we should be ok. We need this game moreso considering our next two games are against State and Wisconsin. I still need to see a clip of the Petway dunk on Northwestern on Wednesday, heard it made #2 on the top ten of Sportscenter that day and was just absolutely sick.

In other college football news, Fred Rouse, the all everything Randy Moss clone has followed Randy Moss' behavior and gotten himself kicked off the team at Florida State. He had many issues during his recruitment and during the season, most notably after Florida State got housed by Florida after the game he went to Coach Meyer and said something along the lines of he should have listened to him and signed with Florida.

Also, onepeat.com has reached their goal and raised the $10,000 necessary to put their billboard up in LA. I can't wait to see it when it actually does go up, I just hope I can get there before the taggers graffiti it all up.


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