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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Didn't really go quite as planned

My first long weekend in a while was pretty good minus the Lakers going 1-2 on the road trip. Although after the tough loss on Sunday I expected them to come out and blow the game on Monday. Going off the 2nd night of a back to back on the road along with all the energy they put into Sunday's game and losing I figured would take the wind out of their sails and cause a let down, which is pretty much what happened. The Lakers played pretty well and had their chances to win but going 3-21 from behind the arc and missing a lot of key FT's isn't going to get many W's, much less against a good team on the road.

Kobe played the typical Kobe game, aside from the missed FT's can't really complain, although the 0-8 from 3 point land didn't help. One thing you can notice from watching Kobe lately is at the end of quarters instead of trying to drive to the hoop, or even drive and pull up for his mid-range jumper, which is ridiculously accurate, he will try to shake the defender and just hoist a 3. He did this on at least two occasions on Sunday when he had plenty of time to try and drive to get a deuce instead of trying to put a dagger in when there was no need to even attempt it.

Brian Cook played very well going 6-9 from the field and he was on fire in the 3rd quarter. I don't know why he didn't play more down the stretch because he was hitting everything and stretching the D which we could've used. Kwame Brown played pretty well on the defensive end on Shaq at times, but once again was nonexistent on the offensive end. He still shows flashes of brilliance while just completely frustrating you at other times. Lamar played a pretty good game going for 14 points and 16 boards but he needs to stop shooting the 3 ball. He was once again an 0-fer with 5 attempts.

The main problem though was on defense, as always. The D is definitely improved this season compared to last but come on we let Gary Payton torch us for 21 points, mostly on uncontested layups, same with Jason "White Chocolate" Williams. I cannot remember a game where the opposing teams PG was so easily able to drive and easily lay a ball in. Whether it was Smush or Sasha the D was horrendous and must be worked on. There's no way we're winning too many games allowing other PG's to do that to us all game long.

As a side note Joey at Straight Bangin posted on a very important topic that I've constantly thought about after the NBA telecast switch was made from NBC to ABC. Just this weekend alone I had at least 3 different conversations with people about how the NBA just doesn't seen the same without "Roundball Magic" and Joey agrees. When cell phone ringtones first came out I tried everywhere to get this song for my phone but was unsuccessful, even if I could get it today I would but I've given up, anyone out there that can help me would be greatly appreciated. Although it isn't the same Nelly recently sampled the song on his album, they were playing it pregame at the USC-UCLA game it's titled "Heart of a Champion" if you want to check it out. I also remember listening to a freestyle by some random rapper on XM Radio driving back from Michigan where someone sampled "Roundball Magic" that was dope as hell but I was unsuccessful in finding that song as well.

Backtracking on Saturday gathered at home with a group of friends and started drinking some good shit as my dad was in a good mood and handed me a bottle of Blue Label and El Charro. Before we got started I caught the end of the Sheraton Bowl or whatever it was between Nevada and Central Florida. Like I've stated before I love watching these random obscure games not only because I love college football but also because most likely these sort of games will have an impact on my run at the College Fantasy Football National Championship as I have led my Michigan Wolverines against the University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers. This game was for my team as I started Nevada's QB Jeff Rowe and their WR Nichiren Flowers. But besides that point, it was a fun game to watch as both teams made plays, UCF came back from 10 down in the last few minutes of the game to bring overtime and there's nothing I love more than college football overtime. Nevada went down and scored first and then UCF followed suit except their kicker decided to follow in the steps of Ryan Pflugner and blow the extra point and the game for his team. Granted since I was on the winning side it was great, but damn it must really suck to lose a game like that. For those that don't remember Pflugner was the Alabama kicker that missed the extra point in the 2000 Orange Bowl giving Michigan the win. After the game we drank a lot but I didn't really get that drunk so it was disappointing. However it was a good time with a group of friends and similar to what we did last year, drinking Blue Label with friends and that's always a good thing. Sunday was just the Lakers and dinner with some relatives and drinking with my pops.

Yesterday had a family friend come in from out of town so grabbed dinner with them followed by an sort of high school reunion at Marcus' house. Since Mike's back down from up north, Nima's back from med school, Prem is actually hanging out in F town and Richie actually being let out by the Mrs. so we gathered to play some poker and just chill out. Nima went to USC and one of his old roommates came by and hung out as well. Nima's old roommate Jung, asks us if he knew if USC beat the latest team in the greatest teams of the last half century. I could have gone off and started a huge argument but I didn't, I held my tongue and tried to act as civil as possible. They did agree with me that last years team was better than this years team but then they started going off about how much they don't like Vince Young and how they are going to win easily, no contest. This is the type of shit I'm talking about, when I started college, no one here watched or cared about college football, most of my friends all watched NFL and college was secondary. Now with USC being the dominant team out there I've got other people that have no affiliation with the school or know next to nothing about the team, much less watch other teams in other conferences run their mouth to me which is the main reason I cannot stand USC. I hope they get killed and I know there are plenty of others out there with me, as the newly formed Texas fan club of Southern California will be meeting at my house for the game since we all can't stand USC. Another person I know that does not want to see USC win is Ian over at Sexy Results, although he doesn't dislike USC as much as I do, he wants them to fail so ESPN can look like retards for trying to anoint this team as the greatest of all time before they've even played their bowl game. Definitely a great line that I couldn't agree with more:

"At this point, if you find any way to root for USC, it's obvious you need to reassess your priorities in life."

For real though, check it out, I was trying to say something similar to what Ian posted but I can't so just go read it and that pretty much sums up how I feel about it as well.

And now I'm back at work but it's not that bad so far, hopefully this week stays like this but looks like we will have to be at work on Saturday, we just better not have to stay too late then. I haven't done anything on New Years Eve the past two years since I've had to get up at 5 am and start driving to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl so I was looking forward to the drunkenfest that is New Years Eve this year but we will have to wait and see if I can partake. At least I do have the 2nd off which means college football day will be uninterrupted for once since all our family stuff we have to take care of on the 1st. Bowl game is tomorrow but like most of the other Michigan bloggers have posted, this game just doesn't really excite me either. Sure we're playing Nebraska who I want to beat the crap out of just because of that fucking crybaby Scott Frost but aside from that it's just a disappointment considering what happened this season, I'll probably write something about it tomorrow.


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