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Friday, December 23, 2005

What I want for Christmas

My family doesn't operate the normal Christmas routine, we have a tree and everything but its fake and I don't mean just artificial, our tree that we've used the past few years is white metal with lights attached throughout, sort of like those outdoor display trees. We used to get real trees but my brother and I would never do much with it and my mom got sick of cleaning it up so we've gone to a fake tree. Because of this we don't do the traditional gifts under the tree and what not, not sure if it's just us, maybe a cultural thing or what but I haven't woken up to gifts under the tree since I was probably in elementary school.

The progression went like this, in elementary school we would actually have a tree and get gifts under the tree, then in junior high while my brother was still in elementary school my dad pulled the "weather was too bad for Santa to make it." This would work in most parts of the country but don't think it holds water in Southern California where we don't get anything under 45 degrees ever. So I remember that year my dad told us Santa couldn't get here with the weather so he gave us $100 each and that was it. Then eventually as I got into high school Christmas then became, "Hey son, what do you want for Christmas?" This one year I needed a new putter so I just told him I wanted a putter and then on the 22nd or 23rd, whatever it was my dad just pulls out the putter and says "Merry Christmas!" Now it's just degenerated into me and my brother buy my parents gifts and that's about it. Maybe we might get a gift, maybe not, but it's all good, they've given us plenty so I'm not really complaining.

You might wonder why the hell all that background information was needed but that's because I wanted to get show that since I really won't be getting anything for Christmas all I can ask for is this wishlist to be filled, as nice as all of it would be I'll take anything I can get. So here it is:

A healthy Mike Hart along with a Michigan blowout of the Cornhuskers

Vince Young and the Horns to destroy those condoms from the University of Second Choice

Kobe to posterize Shaq and get the big W in Miami

Christina Milian, I can dream can't I?

While I'm dreaming, A Michigan National Championship

Also, commitments to Michigan from Jonas Mouton, Sam Young, Daron Rose, Steven Schilling for football and Kalin Lucas and big man on the basketball side, see I obsess about recruiting daily.

Finally I want good health and prosperity for all my friends and family this upcoming year.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have a great time with your families this weekend. I can't believe even I'm getting a 3 day weekend!


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