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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nice to know one team is off to a good start

2005 just has not been a good year for my sports teams. I should've known it was a bad omen once we started with the 2005 Rose Bowl where it looked like Vince Young typed in the no one can tackle me code in college football and ran all over us. The Lakers ended in the lottery and the Dodgers collapsed halfway through the season. Michigan Football had about as bad of a season in recent memory and the hockey team is currently struggling. But there is one squad I do have hope for now and that is the currently undefeated basketball team.

I have been saying "this is the year" for our basketball team since my freshman year at Michigan which was 1999. But it looks like this year really could be it. The team is playing great defense, beating teams they should handily and even pulled off a couple of road victories. Today they'll go for a 6-0 start against Delaware State. Since I've been so busy at work I haven't been able to watch much of what's been going on but I definitely like what I've been reading. I had the Miami and Notre Dame games DVR'd but since I didn't have much time I only watched like half of each game. I've been waiting for years to finally have our basketball team back in March Madness and I fully expect them to get there and win at least 1 game this season. We are a veteran laden team which has been through the lows of our program and now they are ready to bring the program back to where it belongs. The road games at Notre Dame and Boston are ones that we would have lost the past few years but we're starting to win these games which is a great sign. We should surprise some teams in Big Ten play and then we'll make our run in the dance, hopefully, I've been waiting a long time for it.


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