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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Keepin it Rollin

The basketball team kept its undefeated season alive with a 69-49 win over Delaware State. Courtney Sims had a huge night going for 33 points and 13 rebounds combine that with going 13 of 17 from the floor and that's a pretty good game, granted it was against Delaware State but they were a tourney team last year. Can't really comment much more on what I didn't see, glad to see the team is winning games that they should and not blowing them like we have in years past. Lester Abram got hit in the face and had to get some stitches but came back to play so it probably wasn't that bad. We've got South Florida next on Saturday at their place, doesn't make sense why we would do this but I would have to assume it's because we're getting two home games in return but who knows. I expect another victory considering the Bulls are 4-2 with losses to powerhouses Texas A&M-C.C. and Florida International and gives us good momentum heading into next Saturday's game with UCLA.

My other squad rolling along is the Los Angeles Lakers who picked up their 3rd straight win last night in Toronto. Kobe didn't do much only putting up 11 points but Lamar has been solid these past few games and Smush Parker helped out as well including two highlight reel plays, one his now trademark gettin up Dunk and the other a beautiful drive which he went behind the back and reverse layed it in. With the Chicago minus Kirk Hinrich tomorrow there's our chance to continue on our longest winning streak of the season. It's nice to see both PG's Smush and Sasha stepping up lately and making some plays because we need it. I've never been a big fan of the Sasha pickup but he's making me change my mind with the way he's been playing lately.

In other news, the Downtown Athletic Club only invited three players to the Heisman Trophy presentation. After Reggie Bush's performance last Saturday I told my friends the DAC should just save money by only inviting Bush and showing all his highlights from the season and I guess they sort of heard me as usually 4 or 5 finalists are invited. As I've said before I can't stand the University of Second Choice but damn Reggie Bush is ridiculous, I want to see how Texas' D will handle him and how SC will handle Vince since neither team has faced a player like the other all year long.


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