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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I can see the hate in your eyes

Keep hatin, you still can't stop him

End of 3rd Quarter: Kobe Bryant 62 - Dallas Mavericks 61

Kobe was just on fire last night puttin up 62 points in 3 quarters as the Lakers cruised to an easy victory against the allas Mavericks, that's not a typo, I'll continue to call them allas because they have no D. After the pitiful performance of 74 points on Sunday against Houston the Lakers, well actually Kobe, decided to come out and just kill em. The underlying theme of his postgame press conference was how he was going to constantly attack the Mavs and also how he was going to will the team to victory. Wish he could do that more often but I doubt he could go all 82 games of a season plus playoffs doing that because it would drain him probably by the all star break.

The downside to all of this was everyone else on the team just stood around and watched Kobe. There were no other Lakers in double figures and Kobe had no assists. But on a game like this I can't really complain too much about it, you have to defer to your superstar when he is on a tear. Other positives included getting all the end of the bench some run as Andrew Bynum and Devin Green both got to play.

The Lakers now embark on a 3 game road trip with games at Orlando, Miami and Washington. We should go 2-1 on this trip but as we all know we want the big one on Christmas Day against the Heat. I am sick and tired of hearing Snaq complain and bitch like a baby about the move to trade him, grow the fuck up. You showed up most of the time to camp, overweight and out of shape and then as you keep getting older you wanted a bigger contract? I don't think I've ever gone from liking someone so much to hating them so much in a shorter amount of time. You love it when he does it for your team but will hate it when he's gone. Ask the people in Orlando and Los Angeles about that, and either he will end up getting some nagging injury to end his career in Miami or he's going to start complaining about D Wade getting too many touches and what not and then want to be moved again. The Lakers made the right business move in trading him and we are doing what's good for the organization.

In more baseball moves the Dodgers have re-signed Hee Seop Choi to a 1 year deal and avoided arbitration with him. Not sure if Nomar is going to play 1B and OF or just 1B, making Hee Seop just the backup 1B and as a PH but at least we'll hear the chants of Hee Seop Choi! Hee Seop Choi! sometimes this season.

Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees yesterday as well which brings me to the topic of fans and loyalty which I want to get more into but right now there's too much at work and other stuff going on for me to get into it but it's definitely something I want to discuss at length, probably next week sometime.


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