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Thursday, December 15, 2005

USC "Fan" Application

From the guys at Burnt Orange Nation comes the USC "Fan" Application, I tried posting it here as a picture as well but it just doesn't come out right so go over there to take a look.

For those sick of your team go sell your soul on ebay! Check out this former Tennessee fan who is selling his team loyalty. It's funny, yet sad at the same time.

Also from EDSBS is "Who we're pulling for in bowls" complete with Ying Yang Twins and Office Space references. Some highlights include:

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal.
Orson: Caffeine, sex outside of marriage, pornography, and booze: four reasons we’re rooting like hell for Cal.

Vitalis Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA.
Orson: When you couldn’t care two shits for a game, you resort to the lessons of nature.

Bear vs wildcat= dead wildcat, pissed-off, lacerated bear.
…and thus we pull for UCLA!

Stranko: I was on the fence for this one but Orson makes a pursuasive argument. Go Bruins!

In closing, I'm gonna give mad props to the Lakers for finishing off their 6 game road trip 5-1, which is definitely more than I expected with big wins at Dallas and Memphis yesterday, considering we haven't won there in a few years it was big. Now we've got a three game homestand starting with Washington tomorrow and then T-Mac and Yao come to town on Sunday at a game which I'll be attending. Hopefully we can keep this roll going because as much of the lovable losers the Clippers are, it just doesn't look right with the Lakers in 4th behind them and the Golden State Warriors.


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