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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What are you doing Colletti?

Dodgers made a few moves over the past few days that aren't as excitng as the rumor mills have been saying. Over the weekend they signed Sandy Alomar Jr., Jr only in name as he is now 39. Can't really fault this move, its a one year deal and its so he can back up Dioner Navarro, a key part of the Shawn Green trade, and anyone is better as a backup than Paul Bako who signed with the Royals. Olmaedo Saenz was also re-signed to a two year deal which I'm definitely in favor for. He came up with some big hits when we needed them and I'll be glad to have him back.

The other big news was Milton Bradley was traded to the A's, but not in the blockbuster for Barry Zito that was rumored a few weeks ago. Instead Bradley and IF Antonio Perez were shipped for Andre Ethier, last years Texas league Player of the Year. I don't know much about Ethier or the Texas League but he better be damn good if we're giving up 2 Major League players for him. He played last year in AA and is only 23 years old so he could be a building block for the future. But that leads to the question who the hell is going to play in the OF now? JD Drew and Jayson Werth are back but they've had health problems and I don't have much confidence in the other OF's as well. Hope that Colletti has some guy ready to pick up from the free agent market but doesn't look like that's the case either, maybe he'll surprise us all.

Finally once again from the guys at EDSBS, they just keep one upping themselves with great posts and today is no exception as we keep the baseball related post going with the Mustache of the Day.

Update: Bill Mueller has agreed to a 2 year deal with the Dodgers solidifying their infield with an everyday third baseman now. I definitely like the way our infield is shaping up now, even better if Izturis can come back and move to 2nd base putting Kent at 1st, Izturis at 2nd, Furcal at SS and Mueller at 3rd. I've got great reports from my source in Boston about Mueller so he should be a great addition to the team.


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