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Monday, December 12, 2005

And the winner is...

Did anyone really expect them not to call Reggie Bush? My hate for the University of Second Choice is well documented but regardless of my dislike towards the University of Spoiled Children I have to admit watching Reggie Bush is just insane. He does stuff that you only think is possible in video games. That said I've heard a lot of arguments for Vince Young as the Heisman Trophy winner and I can't really deny them that as well. If I really had a ballot I probably would have gone with Young also. The problem with the Heisman is it is up to the voter to determine the interpretation for Most Outstanding Player and every year there are discussions about what determines the M.O.P.

When looking at what Vince Young means to Texas I doubt even the most biased SC "fan" would tell you that Reggie means more to his team than Vince does. I could go all into the stats and all that stuff but I'm not. I think a big factor in this decision is the fact that not all the voters watch every game each guy plays, a lot of times they'll see SportsCenter and then see Reggie's highlight reel and think he's the winner. Now I'm not saying the decision of Bush winning was the wrong one I'm just trying to give a fair shake to Vince. When I walked into my barber shop on Saturday afternoon prior to the presentation this was the running debate of the day. Most of the guys there were actually in agreement that they believed VY should win the Heisman to which I agreed but we all knew that Reggie would win because of his highlights that are on every week. To me the M.O.P. encompasses the best player in the country that is also the most valuable to his team as well. The difference in my thought process is I take into account how would that team look if the player in question was not on the team. Take out Reggie Bush from USC they still have Lendale White along with a number of RB's that are ready to get their touches next year when one if not both of those guys will leave for the NFL. Take Vince off of Texas and they are a completely different team, a team I am not sure would have won in Columbus or Stillwater. I can't fault the selection of Bush but with my definition I would have voted Young 1st, Bush 2nd, and Jerome Harrison 3rd. Heismanpundit has the entire voting tally which I was looking all over for and my question is who the hell gave Drew Olson a first place vote? Now I'm the first to say Olson had a great season but first place Heisman vote, that's definitely not right IMO. The other two surprises looking over the list is AJ Hawk finishing 6th and DeAngelo Williams of Memphis picking up a first place vote. They said that 99% of the ballots had Reggie Bush on them, I'd like to know who is voting for the Heisman and leaving him out of the top 3, that's ridiculous.


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