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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Album Reviews

Since I spend so much time at work and have nothing else to do I've been buying a lot of stuff online, a lot of this being new CD's to listen to. Yeah I know I could download and all that stuff but A, my brother has messed up our home computer so I can't do anything on it and B, I just don't have the time to do that stuff anymore especially with all the fake files that are on the internet now which don't even contain the song so I have to end up downloading a song 5-6 times before I finally get a good version. Found a good site Your Music which sort of works like those Columbia House deals except its $5.99 per CD with no contract. The catch is they send you one CD a month at 5.99 but you have to have a CD in your queue. If you have a CD in your queue they'll send you that CD and charge you, if you don't have one in there and still are subscribing they'll charge you $5.99 for nothing. You can also at anytime purchase CD's for 5.99 each free shipping and it came pretty quick too.

So armed with a new batch from your music I picked up the Bobby Valentino, Trey Songz along with some old school greatest hits of Stevie Wonder and Tevin Campbell, don't deny it we all used to jam to Tevin. I'm definitely a big fan of good R&B music but it's hard to find nowadays. There's no one out there right now that I can say I have to pick up that album because I know it's gonna be great. Last very good R&B CD I picked up was Babyface's last joint, I don't know what it is but it seems like when I was in High School there was a lot more better R&B out. I'm talkin about the Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, KC & JoJo type stuff. Stuff that made you want to sing along and then made you depressed cause of all the girls you couldn't get with.

I expected more out of both the Bobby V and Trey Songz albums but they both disappointed. I didn't really feel "Slow Down " but I'm definitely feeling the "Tell Me" jam, although Lil Weezy really doesn't need to be in it. The rest of the album just doesn't cut it, I can't really explain it but for some reason I just kept skipping over tracks cause they were just bad, when I can only listen to one song on the CD in its entirety it just doesn't do it. I'm the type of person that doesn't really go back over CD's again for a 2nd and 3rd listen, maybe I need to start doing it but right now this CD is gonna be Trapped in the Closet with R. Kelly. I know some people listen multiple times to CD's but I just can't do it, for instance when Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below came out I gave it a listen and most of it was just too weird for me. My favorite Outkast CD has to be ATLiens so I'm not that big of a fan of most of their recent stuff. Most people said I had to go back and give it a second/third listen but I just never got around to it, partly since Randy still hasn't given me back my CD since the day I bought it. I'm giving the Bobby Valentino CD 1.5 stars out of 5.

All I knew about Trey Songz before I got his CD was that he was on the hook for Twista's song that's getting a lot of radio play now. I first popped it in while I was just chillin in my room playing some video games and it sounded great. Then I put it in my car for while I was driving to work and I heard a completely different album. I guess its cause I was listening to it as background music at home compared to just strictly listening to it in the car. The CD does have its moments but definitely falls short in a lot of places, I can listen to it more than Bobby Valentino's but not much, this gets 2 out of 5. Disappointing to say the least on both CD's but at least I didn't pay full price on them.

Finally the best CD that I recently purchased would have to be Chamillionaire's The Sound of Revenge. I had heard the track that was on Madden 06 and I was definitely feelin that joint but I was a bit hesitant to grab the album of the latest from Texas considering the last time I did I ended up with the Paul Wall CD which definitely fell short. But the first single "Turn It Up" is a banger so I decided to give it a chance and am I glad that I did. This CD is straight fire from beginning to the end. It also includes a bonus CD with an additional 5 tracks and the "Turn It Up" Remix. The beats are on point and I definitely like the flow that he brings to the table. I'm giving it a solid 4.25 stars right now, could be upgraded after I listen to it a few more times.


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