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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bowl Season is here

It's about that time when every other commercial on ESPN is the "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the year" song playing and talking about bowl week presented by whichever sponsor it is this year. Although College Football is my favorite sport I'm going to have to admit nothing beats March Madness, but to me bowl season is next. It all kicks off with the New Orleans Bowl of Lafayette between the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles and the Arkansas State Indians. For once this game does not feature the Mean Green of North Texas and I for one am glad, not beacuse I'm going to miss out on the best two back combo most people have never heard about in Patrick Cobbs and Jamario Thomas, but because Antonio Warren gets to play in another game. Antonio Warren is the starting RB for Arkansas State and he is on my college fantasy football team, yes I am that insane I play college fantasy football. This year I am fortunate to have led the Michigan Wolverines to the Rose Bowl and I am playing the UAB Blazers for the national championship so I will actually be following this game very closely.

People who will watch this game: College Fantasy Football freaks like myself, action junkies who really need to bet on the New Orleans bowl to keep them going until the real bowl games start and other college football fanatics who will watch any game at any time, which I also fall into the category of.

Speaking of bowl games EDSBS has 3 bowl games they would like to see as well as their preview of the Las Vegas Bowl.


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