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Monday, December 19, 2005

Nothing but disappointment

Well, sports wise that is, I surprisingly had another full weekend off and I was ready for it to be a great one but of course one or more of my teams had to bring me back to earth. Woke up early Saturday ready for the basketball game against UCLA, as an added bonus it was on ESPNHD. To say I was disappointed with the loss would be an understatement. It was a game we could have and should have won but we didn't.

We let Arron Afflalo get off early and he and the rest of the Bruins killed us with all their 3's while we couldn't hit a 3 to save our life. 10 of 21 for UCLA while we only got 5 of 23 for Michigan. Afflalo hit 6 out of 9 and was just on fire as he and Farmar stepped up when they needed it while no one stepped up on our end. We had too many turnovers, a constant problem this season and we could get no inside presence when that was supposed to be one of advantages going into this game. I thought an adjustment would be made at halftime but none was made. None of the big men knew what to do once the Bruins came into double team whenever the ball came into the post. You'd think that if the coaches would have prepared for something as simple as a double team in the post or at the very least made some sort of change at halftime so the reigning Big Ten player of the week Courtney Sims was held to 6 points on 1-2 shooting from the field.

Dick Vitale was the commentator and did mention the Maize Rage a few times but decided to call them Amaker's Army on more than one occasion. For those that don't know the story when Coach Amaker was first hired there was an idea to change the Maize Rage to Tommy's Troops but Coach shot that idea down because he wanted the group to be centered around Michigan and not himself. Another thing that Vitale brought up was the lack of facilities at Michigan and how the alums needed to step up and donate to make it happen. He is right in that regard the facilities we have are definitely lacking compared to most other programs and until we take care of that it will be difficult for us to compete to make it back to the elite programs in the country.

After this went to my company Christmas party and just got trashed as all company holiday parties are supposed to go. Had a good time while drinking Johnnie Walker on the rocks the whole time. Then headed out on Sunday to Staples Center to watch the Lakers and the Rockets. An hour before gametime listening to the radio it was announced Yao was not playing so I decided to double my bet I already made on the Lakers, we looked great in the first half, then proceeded to blow another Sunday night game that we shouldn't have. Off the top of my head I can already recall one close win against a bad team Charlotte, on a sunday night as well as losses to Houston, New Jersey and Chicago, all games we should have won but we just screwed them up at the end. For some reason the white jerseys are a curse and must go.

The only positive to the day at Staples was my spending spree which was probably aided by my drinking a 40 of Mickey's in the Staples parking lot along with a few other beers during the game. At the auction booth they were selling for $25 Lakers Christmas ornaments that were signed by the players and Phil Jackson. Each player and Coach Jackson signed 10 ornaments so there were 150 total and they were being sold for the Lakers youth foundation. You drew a popsicle stick out of a stocking and whoever it said on the stick you got that autograph. I initially decided on 2 but then almost went to 4 because I wanted to increase my chances at pulling a Kobe autograph but decided to show restraint by getting 3. First pull I picked out Devean George, not bad, but not great, probably the best of the 2nd tier that I would have wanted from the pull. Second was Coach Jackson, definitely a big score, I'd call it the #2 prize after Kobe. So with my third and final pick I was dreaming big if I could pull out the Kobe then it would have been a great haul, I searched around for a while and pulled out... Von Wafer. Damn I was disappointed but it's not that bad picked out 2 out of 3 good ones. I really felt bad for the kids behind me who took two pulls na d got Luke Walton and Devin Green, so I definitely could've done worse. Not only that, since I had just gotten my bonus I decided I could finally purchase another piece of Lakers history that I had been waiting for two years. A signed picture of Robert Horry from the shot against Sacramento in 2002, a game which I was fortunate to be in attendance at.

That shit looks so sweet especially signed and I've got it with my ticket stub so it's even better. The Lakers have big games this upcoming week with Dallas tomorrow and then the big one against Miami in South Beach on Christmas Day, a W then would be sweet.


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