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Friday, December 16, 2005

At least our team is getting the best gift package

From BWI, via Bleed Blue 'n White who goes over the BCS game gift packages in detail, comes the list of which bowls are giving away to the players in their NCAA mandated maximum $500 gift package for particpants in their bowl game. I had always noticed players coming back from bowl season with new backpacks and sling bags but in the past few years its become crazy what kind of stuff the players are getting from the bowls.

You expect the lower tier bowls to giveaway some bad stuff, but damn come on New Orleans Bowl you can do better than giving away just a New Orleans Bowl Ring and Watch. The GMAC Bowl and Motor City Bowl pretty much giving away the same package with a watch, football and some luggage. The big loser out of the major bowls would have to be Georgia and West Virginia, participants of the Sugar Bowl, they'll get a MP3 Player and a mountain bike, how many of those do you expect to see up on Ebay?

Then there are the winners in the gift packages which include the Ducks and the Sooners as the Holiday Bowl is giving a 30GB Ipod Video. Most other bowls are giving away one electronic item such as a portable DVD player or a digital camcorder and a lot of the bowls are giving away PSP's this year. Although the Fiesta Bowl isn't giving the players a game like other bowls are to go with their PSP they are getting a Bulova watch along with a Fiesta Bowl Dartboard. But as this post is titled the winner of the gift packages is going to the Alamo Bowl which is giving to the players from Michigan and Nebraska, a Fossil Watch, commemorative mini-helmet, sling bag and the hottest item that no one can get their hands on the Xbox 360. Maybe some of the guys will sell just the box for $600 like some people did when it first came out.

Beats the Camcorder that the Outback Bowl is giving away.

Updating the fan loyalty of the former Tennessee Volunteers fan, the high bid is no longer owned by the Golden Palace Casino and the bids are, as of the time of this posting, up to $1275. Not only that, but due to the success of this Vol there are a number of auctioneers copying this but with very little success. These sellouts include former "fans" of the Vikings, Falcons, Lions, Yankees and Michigan State, how pathetic.

Gettin ready for tomorrow morning against UCLA which will be in ESPNHD. I know we can do it, time to show the nation that we are back! Go Blue!


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