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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Week 12 Poll

Since I was at The Game, wasn't able to watch any of the early games and only some of the late afternoon games. Watched the beginning and end of Georgia Tech-Miami and all of the Fresno State - USC game, after Fox Sports Detroit finished showing the Pistons getting blown out.

1. Texas - They were off this week but I still think they have played the best football this season, some may keep USC up top because they haven't been beaten yet but each poll is supposed to be based upon how they are playing up to this point in the season, in my book anyways and last year or the year before doesn't count.

2. USC - Fresno State gave them all they could handle, except no one can handle Reggie Bush, as much as I hate USC and cannot stand their "fans" the one exception I have is Reggie Bush, he is just unbelievable.

3. LSU - handled Ole Miss as they should have, they have got to be kicking themselves for blowing that game to a Tennessee squad that is not even going bowling. I still think they are the best one-loss team in America and I think I'm in the minority but I would love to see a Texas-LSU matchup.

4. Virginia Tech - given a second chance thanks to the Miami choke job, they will play in the ACC Championship game with a shot at the automatic BCS berth that comes with it.

5. Penn State - handled Sparty as they should have, a very good team but I still think a notch below LSU and VT.

6. Auburn - best two-loss team in the country, just killed Bama and they are on a roll. If not for Jon Vaughn's 1-6 game against LSU they could have been knocking on the Rose Bowl door.

7. Ohio State - Tressel owns Carr, if not for special teams they should have just ran us out of our own house.

8. Notre Dame - functional DNP versus Syracuse.

9. Georgia - game against the Yellow Jackets looks tougher than it did last week.

10. Miami - offense did not show up again and the D did as much as they could.

11. UCLA - DNP

12. Oregon - whooped on the Beavers in the fog, for some reason I just don't think they are all that great.

13. Fresno State - it's very difficult for a team to lose and move up in the rankings but the Bulldogs earn that distinction this week. Gutsy performance at SC, if only Pinegar didn't force that throw on first down. Would have loved to see OT in that game, although it probably would've just been a continuation of the Reggie Bush Show.

14. Alabama - is it all due to the lack of Prothro? The D definitely wasn't up to par on Saturday.

15. West Virginia - one loss so I guess that counts for something but they play in the Big East which is probably the reason they only have one loss.

16. Louisville - a disappointment this year as they had aspirations for a BCS bowl but have gotten things back on track. Can still put up points in bunches and remember Brian Brohm is only a sophomore while the other Bush, Michael is a junior.


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