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Monday, December 12, 2005

Very good weekend on most fronts, can't really complain after my 2nd consecutive full weekend off for the first time in two months. Took full advantage of it starting on Friday night heading out to drink with some friends for the first time in what seemed like forever. After last call at the bar a few of us decided we needed to drink more so headed home for the nightcap while half the group went home. Add another lesson learned from drinking alcohol, after drinking soju and beer for the night, do NOT go home and start drinking a 40 of OE, you're just asking for trouble.

Woke up late with a hangover so I couldn't watch the first half of the Michigan-South Florida game but I guess I didn't miss much. The Bball team continued on its roll going 7-0 heading into the big showdown with UCLA coming up on Saturday at Crisler. Granted we haven't played anyone this year so far so Saturday will be our first real test of the season, with the home crowd I think we can pull it off.

Afterwards headed out to the Gun Range in LA so we could shoot Andy's new shotgun. It's an old school two barrel, its pretty cool. Came home to watch the Winky Wright - Sam Soliman fight, went the distance which was unexpected but Soliman had a crazy style where he just kept punching the whole time, over 1200 for the entire fight but only landed like 10% of them. Winky could have ended it a couple times late but for some reason he just let up. Afterwards he said he wanted to fight Jermain next referring to Jermain Taylor so we'll see if that will get done soon or if there's gonna be a tuneup in between. The Lakers got beat by Minnesota as Wally Szcerbiak continues to be the answer to "Who makes the Lakers my bitch?" Wally World for some reason keeps having big games against the Lakers and it just doesn't make sense, he scores at will on them and hits all his shots its so damn frustrating to watch. Also the CIF Division I championship was on as Loyola played Esperanza and damn that was an entertaining game. Tuned in after the fight to see it was 28-14 Loyola only to have Esperanza come back and rattle off 14 straight to tie the game and it just went back and forth the entire time with Loyola winning 49-42 as they scored two TD's within seconds of each other late in the 4th quarter.

The Raiders blew another game on the road, not surprising, but the McCareins TD should not have counted there is no way he comes in with that pass even if Asomougha was not there covering him. Well Daly's gonna be mad since that makes the Jets draft pick worse with that win.

The hockey team came through with a sweep when they needed it as they were on a 4 game losing streak but this weekends wins put an end to that. Now there's a break until the end of the month for exams then the GLI will take place but with all the players that are going to be gone on their respective national teams I don't know what kind of squad we will put out. Tough first game against Colorado College, the team we blew the lead in the NCAA Tournament last year followed by either Michigan State or Michigan Tech.

Haven't done any music reviews in a while but just picked up some new CD's which I'll go over later in the week. Just need to get through this month with the crazy schedule and hopefully will be back to a more normal schedule starting January. I really need some time off, I'm going crazy.


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