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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rollin Along

After a busy first half of the week the 2nd half was much more laid back and I enjoyed it along with the weekend. After work on Friday got together with the boys for Mike's birthday celebration which was Tuesday and Nima's going away as he's off to med school in Chi-town. Went down to Muldoon's or something like that down in the OC bitch aka Newport, and got pretty messed up off some Jameson whisky, very good and smooth, definitely recommened. Surprisingly not hung over woke up on Saturday to get ready for the Hopkins-Taylor fight that night. Started to fire up the grill and drink some Coors Lights and Tecates, haven't had that in a while, and watched the fight. I remember it being close but can't remember all the details because I had been drinking for a while before the fight had started. I think it was closer than the judges show but it was Hopkins fault for starting off slower than John Navarre trying to throw a ball and he paid for it. There is a rematch clause in the contract which will be invoked and some are saying as early as this fall it will happen, dependent on Taylor and his cut on his head. Then proceeded to drink some more until I passed out.

Woke up Saturday with my dad waking me up as we got some new outdoor furniture for the pool area. My parents are goin crazy with this shit but it's gonna be off the chain as soon as it gets here. New built-in grill with counter, stools and fridge, then a fire pit as well. All that stuff is supposed to be arriving next week so we'll still have some summer fun with it. Later that night saw two of the best shows on TV, Entourage and Family Guy and after playing some NCAA Football 2006 called it a night. For those of y'all that haven't gotten it you need to go cop this game, the new shit is crazy with in-season recruiting and the race for the Heisman, I wish I had more time to play the game.

Yesterday went to Home Depot Center for the Real Madrid - LA Galaxy game. Place was packed and it was ridiculous getting in and out of parking but it was worth it. Had to go through a ticket broker to get my tickets but the seats were sweet, upper deck but it was on the wheel chair access so we were in the very front. Tried to get a dope ass warmup suit they had there, Carolina Blue jacket, Navy Blue pants but they sold out at halftime and told me to check back tomorrow but they only got a couple mediums left, fuckin sucks and I can't find this warmup on ebay, google anywhere, if anyone else knows what I'm talkin about and knows where I could get one it'd be greatly appreciated. That shit was so dope, I'm kickin myself for not going to the game early and buyin it. Not much else for the rest of this week, probably take a weekend off alcohol for once, well I'm going to try to, and we'll see what happens, maybe that will finally let me go play some poker for the first time in months.


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