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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A lot of movement to come soon

With the announcement that Phil is back comes all the talk about how the Lakers are going to make moves and make this team a contender again. First is the Jonathan Bender and #17 coming to LA for Devean George, Stanislav "The Black Hole" Medvedenko and the #37 pick. This deal is done and should be announced shortly according to emplay from Lakersground.net, a very reliable source. Then there are other moves which are being talked about, in yesterdays article emplay discussed the possibility of Caron and other assorted garbage going to New Orleans for PJ Brown and Jamaal Magloire, which I would be all for. There is even talk about moving the drafts picks we would then have at 10 and 17 and move those to the Hornets as well and get the #4 pick in return. Supposedly Kupchak is very high on Gerald Green but there is a lot of talk that Martell Webster, another high schooler is the best in this draft. If we were to get #4 I would hope that we could land Chris Paul. Imagine a line up of:

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lamar Odom
PF - P.J. Brown
C - Jamaal Magloire

That would be dope as hell. Then we still have another pick in the 2nd round to pick up someone that could help considering how many players that can help out would still be available there. Or if that falls through there is talk of packaging the 2 2nd rounders 37 and 39 to move up in the latter stages of the 1st round but I'd rather keep the 2 2nd rounders and go with them. There's also Marcus Douthit, the 2nd round pick from last year who is playing well in Europe but who knows about the competition over there.

Had a pretty good weekend. Hung out on Saturday at Marcus' new place with Marcus, Mike, Nima, Noah and Jeff, just like old times had a good time watching Chappelle Show and some other movie I forget. Sunday woke up early for golf with the family and ended up getting the new putter that I needed since my mom messed up my old one. The new Scotty Cameron Studio Style with the insert, haven't practiced much with it but it feels great and as soon as I can find my stroke again a lot of putts will be sinking. After golf started drinking that would last the whole night. Had a couple beers and Gin and Tonic's at the 19th hole and then went to eat sashimi for dinner which also included 3 bottles of soju and since it was Father's Day and still really early my Dad brought out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and we almost dusted that as well. Watched some TV so I wouldn't just waste the buzz and crashed.

Yesterday was supposed to go work out but helped Earl take the TV he won in his company raffle home and then we went to Heroe's and grabbed some food along with some nice big beers. Ran into some old friends from HS we hadn't seen in years and then went home to drink with Steven and his friends which was going good until my mom came in and kicked everyone out. Time to get back on the horse and get my workouts serious again. Got my lifting session with my trainer tonight early so I'll then hit up some cardio afterwards to make up for last nights non-work out.

College Football is just around the corner, I can't wait...


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