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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One Wild Ass Weekend

Had one crazy ass weekend and it was great. Started out on Friday with drinking followed by James getting his way into an open vending machine and grabbing over 30 sodas and finished off by late night drunken bowling. It was a good start and only the beginning.

On Saturday my roommate from Michigan, James, came down for the weekend and along with King and Eug we went down to Newport to pick him up and also hang out at King's house. The house is real nice and we took the tour and followed that up by playing some really intense Ping Pong. The King and I took 2 of the 3 to win the series. Then we went back home and we really got it started. Tried not to make it too big of a party and it was successful, considering how much we had to drink and how many people we had it wasn't that big of a mess. Had a great time drinkin with everyone and hope we can do another one of those soon. By far the best ratio we've ever had at our house so that helped a great deal as well.

For some reason this weekend I kept waking up somewhat early considering it was a weekend and how much I had drank the night before. Luckily no hangovers to report. Sunday was BBQ day so went out to the market grabbed some grub and luckily they had a keg which we also picked up and started grilling. On top of that we ended up playing Beer Pong which I haven't done in a few years and it showed as the first game James and Chandler worked the King and I. We redeemed ourselves in the rematch but then lost our 3rd game of the day and we finished the outdoor portion of the evening. Went inside to start drinking some El Charro that my dad had left us but instead everyone went into the "Black Hole" aka our TV room to watch Entourage. It was a good episode but after that everyone was turning lazy and ready to sleep hence its name. I started hollering and yelling to get everyone up which I eventually did and we went to break in the new Karoake system that was installed this past week and drink some more. We finished the keg, and had a bottle and a third of El Charro along with some Cuervo and some Don Julio. Spent all night rotating as people were watching TV, singing or hangin out in the jacuzzi. Not as many people as Saturday but still a great time.

Yesterday was the day of cleaning, woke up and started cleaning all the mess up before me and James could head out to Newport Beach to meet up with our other roommate Steve Bob Tom, the man with three first names. Considering I had drank for 4 consecutive days already I wasn't planning on drinking but of course Steve Tom wouldn't be himself if he didn't make us drink so we had to oblige. Big Shout out to Steve and his new fiancee congratulations to both of you. We ended up having a couple more drinks before Steve passed out for one of his power naps and James and I played Euchre with Steve's buddy Mike and his girl Nikki. Hadn't played Euchre in a while so it was fun. Steve wakes up again and we start to play Kings cup but a little more than halfway through the game falls apart as Steve goes to pass out again. At this point King comes by to hang out and along with me and James we grab some food before we head back home.

Just dropped James off at the airport and I've come to work ridiculously early today. It's gonna be a long day but it was a great weekend and hopefully we can do it again soon. Even in college I don't think I had this much alcohol intake within a five day period. I don't think I'm missing anything but if I did and you were there let me know. Not sure exactly on Friday at the restaurant and bowling alley but it was a decent amount. Saturday we went through 4 24's of Bud Light, 3 handles of Smirnoff, 1 5th of Absolut and 1/3rd of a handle of Belvedere. Sunday was the quarter barrel of Coors Light along with 1 and 1/3rd bottles of El Charro, a bottle of Cuervo, half a bottle of Don Julio and half a handle of Absolut. Probably some other stuff I missed out on but just tryin to show what y'all missed out on if you weren't there. Now it's back to the daily grind but this week only 4 days until the weekend.


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