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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Laker Moves

LA Times is reporting the Kwame Brown Trade is done for Caron and either Chucky or Devean. Unlike many fans I like this trade a lot I think it brings us another big who I think has a load of potential. Jordan messed up Kwame so much mentally I think a change of scenery could do wonders for him. When he plays significant minutes Brown has shown himself to be a very good player. Second it allows us to play Kwame at 4 and move Lamar back to his natural position at 3 which will help out a lot as well. Also can't forget we needed to take this trade to unload Caron because his market value isn't as high as we think it is and look at the offseason for swingmen and the contracts their getting. Simmons at 47, Hughes at 65, Caron would've commanded at least 40 which we do not need to pay and we sure as hell can't afford to let him walk for nothing.

Some other interesting rumors include the Lakers are trying to get Seattle to do a sign and trade for Antonio Daniels instead of just outright signing him for the Mid Level Exception. However if it can't be agreed upon he will probably just sign for the MLE. There is also talk of a Vlade Divac and Brian Grant for Ruben Patterson and Theo Ratliff. You might look at that and say the trade would never go through but the reason it makes sense is it will allow Portland to get rid of 4 salaries at once so they can pay less of a luxury tax. Vlade will be bought out and Grant will be released via the "Allan Houston exception" and they unload the two salaries to the Lakers. Take that trade with a grain of salt but it's in serious discussion so our new starting five could be Ratliff, Brown, Odom, Kobe and Daniels, which is much better than what we were running with this past year.

Summer League, I haven't been able to watch but I've heard good things about Von Wafer and William "Smush" Parker who I thought we should've grabbed coming out of college. I'd love to keep Smush on the squad this year and stash Wafer away in the NBDL for a year and then have him come up.

Very slow on the Michigan recruiting front football wise, we'll probably see some stuff coming in a month or so. Taylor Mays is coming out for a visit soon hopefully we can get him considering S is a pressing need. Most say it's down to us and U$C so hopefully the good guys can win on this one. Basketball not much either, still waiting one of the dominoes to drop Jackson, Herzog, Sims and I think the rest will follow, hopefully. Putting Morris with those 3 would make a hell of a recruiting class, just what we need to get us back to the top. Hockey finished its lockout finally so we're officially on the Al Montoya will he stay or will he go watch, hopefully he makes up his mind soon so the coaches can know if they need to bring one of the recruits a year early or not.


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