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Monday, July 11, 2005

Need to cut back on the drinking

Another drinking weekend started off on Friday with Nima and Andrew's going away party at Nima's house. Got there and just started drinkin like crazy including throwing some shots down with Mr. Mehran. Got pretty wasted and had a great time seein everybody for the first time in a good minute. Ended up stayin there til like 3 and went home and crashed.

Woke up the next morning wanting to eat some Pho which is what I did with Dennis, Earl and Jack. After drinking for 7 of the previous 9 days I knew I needed some time off so after that went to Dennis' house to play his modded Xbox which is crazy. We were playing all the old school NES and SNES games including Blades of Steel, Golf and Street Fighter II Turbo. Went home and took a nap then woke up to go do something. It was tough finding something to do without drinking, doesn't that sound like something an alcoholic would say?, and so we went to the movies and watched the Longest Yard which was pretty cool.

Sunday had lunch with the folks and then helped them out at Sam's Club and various errands. Grabbed dinner with Steven and then watched Entourage and Family Guy until it was time to meet up Domski who came into town for the weekend at Dave and Busters. Randy and Colin decided to roll with me and we met up Domski and his friend Melissa. We started off with a bang as Colin ordered some Patron with Tabasco in it. Didn't drink too much but had a good amount. Played some ball where Domski kicked my ass then played some pool. D&B shuts down early on Sunday and good thing cause I had to get up for work in the morning. So a pretty decent weekend. This next weekend should be a good one as we're gonna get the Hopkins-Taylor fight in addition to our new grill coming in this week so it's gonna be on and poppin, no more drinking until Friday for Mike's Birthday.


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