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Monday, June 06, 2005

Long Update

Haven’t been able to update in a while so I’ll start with Memorial day weekend a couple weeks ago. That was by far the shortest long weekend I’ve ever had, it turned out ok. Friday night hit up Diamonds with Earl, Colin, BJ and one of BJ’s friends from up north and followed that up by hitting up the bowling alley with everyone minus Colin and we added my brother and James to the mix. I played horribly the first two games but the third one I finally got it together and bowled a new high of 181, had 5 strikes in the first 6 frames but afterwards choked; otherwise I could’ve crossed the 200 barrier.

Saturday just hung out while my parents had a BBQ with a bunch of their friends, great food and just relaxing until I went out to Hollywood for the Talib and RZA concert but we got back early and just had a couple drinks when we came home.

Had a nice BBQ on Sunday with a bunch of food that I did the preparation for but not enough drinking almost the entire case I had bought was still left over. I made ribs for the first time and they turned out pretty good, solid effort for the first time out. It was just a random night, after we ate all the food we made a fire in the fire pit, then we started to play some poker outside, had some Molca Salsa around midnight and then I passed out.

Woke up early Monday since I had passed out so early and got a call from David to play some golf, Talega had a good internet deal for $69 so we jumped on it and headed down to San Clemente to play. I had played there once before and it is a very good track to play on if you get the chance, check their internet specials it’s definitely worth it. Didn’t play too well but like they say a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. Ended up going home that night and throwin back a few beers with my brother and some of his friends.

Then on Wednesday headed over to Chavez Ravine for Cesar Izturis bobblehead night. Randy went to the store beforehand and picked up some 40’s which we drank in the parkling lot then headed to the top of the park where our seats were. The game sucked but it was fun and getting the bobblehead always makes it great. We then went to the hole in the wall place we used to go to a lot and man that shit was good. It looks like a piece of crap from outside but it’s great food at good prices.

Thursday night after working out Steven’s friends came over and we drank a little bit, I must sound like an alcoholic but this is just the beginning. We ended up finishing off a bottle of Skyy and then started into a leftover bottle of Smirnoff when I had to call it a night but the kids finished it off. No sleep and drinking was pretty much the story of my week.

Friday night, I hadn’t been doing much working out so I was supposed to go to the gym but the lack of sleep made me real tired so I just rested when I got home then went to Chili’s with Earl, BJ and Andrew, who made it out for the first time in a long time and went to town. I’ve become real lazy on my diet lately and have gained a few pounds back so I told myself I was going to take this weekend as a do whatever I want weekend and then get serious again starting Monday. I did with 3 Hef’s and the Country Fried Steak which was ahh dericious. I had to play golf the next morning and I was tired so I called it a night early.

Saturday was a golf tournament for a business association we’re a part of and it was fun, we played at La Mirada and for some reason I can’t play well there, which I didn’t again but it was a good time. It was topped off by the fact that my dad got a Hole in One on the 3rd hole. His first one, and it was great celebrating. We had a good dinner with drinking then we went home and watched an awful fight. Marcus Hatton was fighting Kosta Tszyu (sp?) but anyways Tszyu is the champion and it was a pretty close fight but when the bell for the 12th and final round sounded Tszyu wouldn’t come out, what a fuckin bitch, I think that was even worse than had he been knocked out in the 12th, refusing to come out and fight, I have no respect for that guy at all. After the fight, surprise surprise, started drinking again except this time my dad brought out a bottle of Ballantine’s 21 which is great. Steven had some friends over so we drank together for a while until my dad headed in early and we continued to drink. Ballantines was finished easily then we started on a handle of Johnnie Walker black label which we drank about 3/5th’s of and some drank Gin and Tonic’s. I must be getting really old cause after we drank for a while I headed in early at around 12:30-1.

Woke up around noon and finally woke Steven up and with my dad we went to eat some Pho, which was great. After Pho, me and Steven along with James, Andy and John went to play some golf. I haven’t had a back to back golf outing in a long time but it was fun even though I sucked it up again. Highlighted by one of the craziest pars I’ve ever had. Went to Applebees for dinner and had a couple Hef’s there and then watched some TV, American Dad which was ok, Family Guy was hilarious and Entourage was good.

Today is time to get serious again about my diet and exercise so no more weekday drinking as much as I’d like to and more exercise again like I used to. I’m also going to start practicing golf more as I need to get a lot better, I know I can be a consistent single handicapper if I practice enough and I’m going to do that this summer.


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