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Friday, July 01, 2005

Busy Week

It's been a very busy week at work so I haven't had a chance to update. Let's start off with Michigan Recruiting, we picked up a commitment from QB David Cone, an under the radar kid from Georgia who performed well enough at camp to pick up an offer which is saying alot considering there were only a few offers out to QB's at this point. Apparently he did enough to warrant it and after watching his tape its not a bad pickup. He does have some problem with his footwork at this point but that can easily be coached, he has a pretty quick release and seems to be accurate on his throws as well.

Antwine Perez, Rivals #3 safety, IIRC, and #35 overall is down to a top 3 of Michigan, LSU and USC. Considering he's from NJ, I like our chances, we are also recruiting his teammate WR Andrey Baskin. Cobrani Mixon who said he was a commitment last week has come back to say he's going to take another week or two to think it over but I'd be very surprised if he doesn't end up wearing Maize and Blue.

Now onto the NBA Draft which we've been waiting for since the Lakers ended the season. I'd been hearing rumblings about this Bynum kid for a few weeks so I somewhat expected it considering where we were selecting. However I did not expect Danny Granger to still be on the board at this point which definitely upset me because I feel Granger could step in right away and help us out. But if we aren't able to move Caron then it would be tough to explain the pick. Bynum is extremely young, will not turn 18 until October and he looks like he could be a good one. Hopefully the Laker management was right in this gamble as it could pay off big if he pans out.

Other surprises in the draft include Charlie Villanueva at #7, what the hell was Toronto thinking? Him and Bosh are very similar types of players and I think Bosh is much better. On top of that they passed on Granger with their second first rounder as well. Toronto definitely gets my award for worst draft. Drafts I liked were Atlanta with Marvin Williams and Salim Stoudamire and Boston which got Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes and Orien Greene. Danny Granger was an absolute steal at #17 to Indiana and if Wayne Simien can stop getting hurt every other game he could contribute in Miami.

The Lakers supposed trade with Indiana doesn't look like it's going to happen. I really think it was in place but when Granger fell to Indiana at #17 they called it off. There are many other things that will happen so we must just wait and see. I expect the Lakers to try to move Caron, although I like him a lot we're just too overloaded at 3 right now. I already spoke about Bynum but onto to the two second rounders. At 37 picking up Ronny Turiaf was a great pick IMO. He is the type of player that the Lakers were lacking and will be a contributor. He is a high energy guy that will crash the boards and will not give up which we need. AT 39, Von Wafer is a risky pick considering they could have taken Roko Ukic, who many are high on or could have gone big again with a Chris Taft who fell like a rock and they could've taken a flyer on. Wafer is an extremely talented player who has had problems in college but not a terrible pick in the 2nd because he could work out and make the team. He was a McDonald's All American in LeBron's year and he should have won that dunk contest but because it was the LeBron show it went to King James. I'm extremely excited for this new Laker squad to take the floor under Phil. Hope to see a trade or two and maybe Bynum can contribute about 10 mins a game and provide some defense and rebounding at first. I think Turiaf can be a solid contributor at 15 mins or so a game which will help out especially if we're gonna continue using Lamar at 4, which I hope we don't have to.

It's gonna be a fun long weekend, two of my roommates from college James and Steve are comin into town for the weekend and the folks are out of town so we should get crunk!!!


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