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Friday, May 20, 2005

Thoughts on the Jersey Change

For those that haven't heard yet, which I doubt if you're a Michigan fan, this year there will be a change to the jerseys. I had heard rumblings of a change to the jerseys a couple years ago and I thought no way would it ever take place. The Michigan uniform is best left untouched was my thought but alas, Nike has gotten a hold of it and made a change to their worldwide Nikefication, as I like to call it. Case and point, the international soccer jerseys who mostly now have similar look just different colors for each country, which I think looks nasty. Now they have done it to our beloved Wolverines as Michigan and Georgia now join Miami in using this type of jersey. Supposedly the material is supposed to keep the players cooler and all that technical stuff but from an aesthetic standpoint I think the new jerseys, especially the white one are disgusting. Here's one pic of them:

As you can see, underneath the number the material changes so it looks like two different jerseys stitched up. The blue one doesn’t look as bad because it is dark but in the white one it is definitely noticeable.

The other part I can’t stand is the “piping” they call that runs from the collar to the underarm. You can see this more clearly in the first picture. On the road jersey they made this maize and I think they should have just made it white. The only positive to the new jerseys is the numbers are now stitched on as opposed to screen-printed, it does look sweet for the blue but I have to see it in person before I can make a decision if I'll buy a new home jersey.

Considering the past when the alumni was so upset with the size of the Nike swoosh they made it from the right shoulder to the center and smaller sized, I would think that there would be more of an outcry over the change but a lot of people seem to like it. Maybe it will look different to me when I see them in action but only time will tell. If this is accepted, who’s to say we can’t have a night game at the Big House someday. A lot of traditionalists will consider this blasphemy but part of me wishes we could have a night game every once in a while at home. Being on the west coast now I love the later starts so I can sleep more on Saturdays.

Either way this debate has got me fired up for football season and I cannot wait for it to start. Sure we might not be as good as some people expect us to be but I still think this can be a great season, hopefully we can end it at the Rose Bowl again, except this time with a win, 3rd times a charm right?


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