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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What an awful week

Since last Wednesday I've come down with something and I haven't been able to do much but lay around at home. I worked half days on Thursday and Friday because I felt so shitty and over the weekend it got somewhat better but I'm still not all good yet. Might have to go to the doctor to check it out since it's been so long with no improvement, hopefully not but we'll see. The only positive to laying around all weekend at home was watching the Diego Corrales - Jose Luis Castillo fight on Showtime, for those of y'all that have it and didn't watch it the first time be sure to catch the replay tonight its on at 11:30 E/PT, I think and it is a must watch. By far the best fight I have ever seen in my life, from opening bell to the unbelievable finish it was action packed throughout and I have already watched it 3 times, it was that good.

Everything else I was looking forward to watching during the weekend sucked, the two Game 7's, the Game 1's on Sunday were all awful, the NBA playoffs just don't seem right without the purple and gold in there and it doesn't help that every game is a blowout. With the lottery pick this year and getting Phil back, not official yet but I'd put almost anything on it, we'll be back next year and makin another run. Kobe will be motivated this summer to shut all the haters up and it's gonna be on. We'll see how the lottery pans out which is two weeks from today, also the same day that Chappelle Show season 2 comes out on DVD, that's gonna be a great day, especially if the Lakers can somehow defy the odds and hit their 1.8% chance of moving up into the top 3.


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